Maria Menounos went to Kim Kardashian for help and counseling throughout her pregnancy, and then she told the world about it.

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New parents-to-be Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro have opened out about how much of an influence Kim Kardashian had on their choice of a surrogate.

Maria Menounos wants to thank everyone who has played a role in her upcoming adventure.

After 10 years of trying to establish a family, the former Extra cast member and her husband Keven Undergaro are expecting their first child, and they have a few well-known people to thank for it.

Maria remarked, “Zoe Saldaa and Kim Kardashian have been incredibly helpful to me in my journey, and they both offered me all their advise and people,” during her interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan on February 7. Kim “specially” found me a fantastic attorney and set me up with the woman who would eventually become my surrogate.

Maria realized that she wouldn’t be where she is now if it weren’t for the people that paved the way for her in life. She said, “We’re just so, so grateful because these individuals help you push life forward, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to achieve this.”

This is not the first time Maria has shown her support for Kim on this topic.

Maria told People in 2022 that she and Keven originally investigated surrogacy in 2018, and that Kim, who had both her daughter Chicago (now five) and son Psalm (now three), via surrogates, offered Maria some guidance. “I was so grateful to have someone to talk to and lean on,” she added.

A medical match for Maria and Kevin had been identified in 2021, but by 2022, their first surrogate was no longer an option. Maria added that the breakup was especially difficult because they had traveled together for over two years. She was patient with us, as well as nice and helpful.

Despite the loss, she did not lose faith. After the media expressed concern, Maria said, “maybe all will be alright.” ” We’re also receiving two young brats, and they’ll hear me exclaim, “You have no clue what we went through to bring you here!” every day. To succeed in life, you must make an impression.”

A few years later, on the current day, Maria is expecting her first child. She thanked “everyone who helped make this magnificent miracle possible” in a statement to E! News on February 7th. “Keven and I couldn’t be more excited to become parents. My grandfather (grandpa in Greek) is overjoyed to become a grandparent.”

The 44-year-old also remembered her mother, Litsa Menounos, who died of brain cancer in 2021, in her Instagram pregnancy announcement.

On February 7th, she wrote, “I know my mother had a cup of greek coffee with god and said it’s time.” “God’s grace has made us feel quite a little. Even though it pains me to have to tell her in person, I know she is helping me from beyond the grave and will never leave my side.”

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