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So many Americans across the country found themselves relying on the support from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). However, a lot of people didn’t realize that this was a temporary program. So it came as a shock for some to find out ACP is coming to an end. However, that doesn’t mean the end of connectivity support altogether. Instead, there are other support opportunities that can help people in similar ways. It’s important to be up to date on this knowledge so you can make the most out of what’s available!

Getting Bill Support Without ACP

ACP was able to help households in many different ways. Some of the ways include:

  • Providing a monthly service discount worth up to $30
  • Including a one-time discount worth $100
  • Being used with other programs like Lifeline to provide free services or a free device

However, ACP was actually only a temporary program! At the end of 2020, Congress decided to help people pay for their internet during COVID. They gave $3.2 billion to the FCC for this. The FCC quickly set up the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. It was a big hit! Right away, over a million families joined. Each week, lots more signed up. This program was so needed that it was clear it should continue even after the pandemic. To keep it going, Congress put in more than $14 billion in 2021. They did this through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. They also changed the program’s name to the Affordable Connectivity Program.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law gave the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a job. They had to set up the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This program helps families that qualify get a lower price on their monthly internet. It also gives a one-time discount for buying a computer or tablet. More than 23 million families benefit from the ACP. But, the $14.2 billion set aside for it by Congress is almost gone. The FCC has said that April 2024 is the last month they can fully fund the program. Without more money from Congress, the ACP will only partly cover the discounts after that. Internet companies can choose to keep giving discounts in May 2024, but they won’t get fully paid back.

If You Qualify for ACP Benefits, What’s Next?

As stated earlier, one way that people were able to benefit from ACP was by getting a free device when coupled with other programs like Lifeline (more on that down below). However, carriers still want to help those in need so they have provided opportunities for ACP recipients to still benefit. Some carriers that are pivoting well with the end of ACP include:

Keep in mind this is just a few carriers! There are plenty more out there that can be offering perks like a free device or free services. You just have to look to see what’s available!

AirTalk Wireless

Worried about keeping your phone service once the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) ends? AirTalk Wireless has a solution. Once ACP stops, you can still keep your phone service by applying for the Lifeline program with AirTalk. They’re unique in offering this option.

Current AirTalk subscribers with both ACP and Lifeline don’t need to worry. Lifeline benefits will continue even after ACP ends. AirTalk offers Lifeline in over 50 states, ensuring you stay connected with all the benefits you’re used to. Your service will stay the same until ACP officially ends. Also, Lifeline-only customers, you’re all set – your service will go on without any changes. Plus, if you’re using ACP with another provider, consider switching to AirTalk. They offer extra perks like a free smartphone and additional phone services.


If you’re already in the ACP, switching to TruConnect can get you unlimited talk, text, and data. Plus, they’re offering two months of Amazon Prime for free. Another perk is that those that are lifeline recipients can see exclusive opportunities. For example, Lifeline users can see benefits of:

  • Up to 6 GB of high-speed data
  • Free unlimited talk and text
  • Free SIM Card with your own device
  • Unlimited international calling to eligible countries

Safelink Wireless

If you’re enrolled in ACP with another provider, you can switch your benefits to SafeLink’s ACP program. This gives you free monthly wireless service with nationwide coverage, unlimited talk and text, plus data.

For current SafeLink customers, the steps depend on your enrollment. If you’re enrolled in both Lifeline and ACP, no action is needed. Once ACP ends, you’ll lose the ACP benefits but still have Lifeline. On the other hand, If you’re only in ACP, you can apply for Lifeline. Finally, if you have Lifeline only, you don’t need to do anything extra.


In conclusion, while the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) has been a crucial support system for many American families, it’s essential to remember that it was a temporary measure. However, the end of ACP doesn’t mean the end of support for those in need. Other programs, like Lifeline, continue to offer valuable assistance. Carriers such as AirTalk Wireless, TruConnect, and SafeLink Wireless are providing alternatives to ensure continued connectivity. Whether it’s through continuing existing benefits or switching to new plans, options are available. Staying informed and exploring these alternatives will help you navigate this transition smoothly and maintain the connectivity support you rely on.

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