Love gets a good name from Millie Bobby Brown’s sweet birthday message to her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi.

by Nathan C

Millie Bobby Brown, actress of Stranger Things, sent Jake Bongiovi a touching birthday card about a month after she proposed to him. Take a look at her note below.

The relationship between Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown is still strong.

In April, the daughter of Jon Bon Jovi and the “Stranger Things” star announced their engagement. His 21st birthday was a recent milestone that they celebrated jointly.

On May 7th, Millie shared a letter and a series of photographs of her and her primary boyfriend, Jake, on Instagram. She captioned one shot at the October premiere of Enola Holmes 2 with the words, “This is all we are. “In pleasure, exploring together. I promise never to let go of your hand. To my future wife/husband: Happy Birthday! I adore you.

Even Paris Hilton liked and commented on the 19-year-old’s ecstatic post, writing, “So happy for you.”

Millie’s Stranger Things co-star, Matthew Modine, has previously commented, “Life is a lovely long trek. One of my favorite African proverbs states that if you want to go somewhere quickly, you should travel alone. If you want to get somewhere, team up. It warms my heart to watch the two of you together.

Millie only recently announced her wedding plans on social media.

On April 11, Millie commented, “I’ve loved you for three summers now, honey, and I want them all,” a phrase from Taylor Swift’s smash track “Lover.”

People have been both supportive and skeptical of the couple’s proposal because of their youthful age.

When Jake was on with Andy Cohen on May 2 to discuss something else, his father joined the conversation. Jon remarked on Andy Cohen Live on SiriusXM, “I don’t know if age matters.” I believe that finding the perfect person and maturing together is the finest option. Growing in power.”

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