6 Things Your Good Credit Can Do for You

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Not everyone has the same credit journey. Not all journeys lead to the same end result. However, some do, and you may find yourself with a good credit score after some time and dedication! Having a good credit score is one thing, but how do you actually see benefits from it? How can you reap any reward from a good credit score? Thankfully, there are a lot of ways that you can see some really nice perks all thanks to your credit score. 

Having a Good Credit Score Puts You Ahead of the Game

Let’s start off with the basics just to make sure we are on the same page. What is a good credit score? There are different scoring models and different credit bureaus that generate your credit score. Regardless, as a good rule of thumb, a good score is between 670 to 739. Anything above that is either very good, or exceptional. Having a good score can mean thousands of dollars in savings amongst the perks, but let’s take a deeper look at areas like:

  • Car Insurance Premiums
  • Interest Rates
  • Higher Credit Limits
  • More Housing Options
  • Less Time Wasted
  • Good Phone Deals

Car Insurance Premiums

Let’s talk about the influence a good credit score has on your car insurance rates. You might be wondering, how does my financial life impact my auto coverage? It appears that your credit rating can affect numerous facets of your vehicle insurance, from acceptance to cost. A high credit score can lead to lower premiums or even easier policy renewals. If you have a higher score indicating healthy financial habits, insurers see this as less risk. 

Interest Rates 

If you’re wanting to save cash, having a good credit rating can be your key. When applying for credit cards, companies typically offer lower APRs if they see that shiny high number on your application. APR, or annual percentage rate, is the cost of borrowing money annually. A low APR means less interest paid over time – an advantage worth striving for.

Higher Credit Limits

The journey to financial success is often marked by a good credit score. A good credit score can unlock doors that were previously closed, such as access to higher lending amounts. Banks or card companies typically offer more generous terms when they perceive less risk. Your strong track record paints you in this favorable light. This advantage isn’t just about the potential for larger loans though; it’s also about flexibility in your financial life. For instance, having a high limit on your credit cards could mean being able to make significant purchases without worrying about hitting the ceiling.

More Housing Options

Your credit score isn’t just about loans. It’s a key player in your housing options too. A landlord’s assessment of potential tenants often includes their credit history. If you have maintained good financial health, it can be easier to secure the rental property you desire. Maintaining an excellent record over time opens up more doors in terms of housing choices!

Less Time Wasted

Utility services are essential in our daily lives, and having a good credit score can make access to these necessities smoother. Companies providing utilities such as electricity or internet service, often consider your financial health during the setup process. Your credit history plays a crucial role here:

  • If you’ve consistently maintained high credit scores, providers may see you as less of a risk. This could mean skipping security deposits and getting faster connections without any hiccups.
  • A poor track record with finances might result in higher upfront costs or even refusal of service until outstanding debts are cleared up. Which is not an ideal situation when trying to establish basic amenities at home.

Good Phone Deals

Maintaining a good credit score has benefits that reach into every corner of your financial life, including how you pay for cellular service. Poor credit can often lead to prepayment requirements or security deposits from cellular network operators. This means more money out-of-pocket before you even start using the service.

But here’s the kicker: maintaining a respectable figure in terms of credit scores could allow users to avoid these additional charges altogether. You see, having an excellent track record indicates reliability and reduces risk perception by companies. This is why it’s crucial not only to build good credit but also maintain it.


In conclusion, the trajectory of your credit journey has a significant influence on various aspects of your life. From the kind of housing options you can access, the type of car insurance premiums you pay, to the mobile phone deals you can secure, and more. Having a good credit score, ranging between 670 to 739 (or better), opens doors to better financial opportunities and increased convenience in everyday activities.

Indeed, a good credit score not only reflects your financial health, but it also yields a range of benefits that could ease your life in many ways. As such, building and maintaining a good credit score should be a priority for everyone, as the journey to financial success is often marked by a healthy credit standing.

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