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Most things in life don’t come free. That fact is especially challenging for those that struggle financially. That is where government assistance like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) came into the picture. However, this program was specifically designed as a temporary emergency measure to help people during the COVID pandemic. The only reason it was around so long was because of the amount of funding it received. However, funding is now coming to an end which means an impact to millions of households. This program provides a lot of support in many different ways, so it can feel like a hit below the belt to lose these benefits. Thankfully, there are alternative opportunities available to help those with connectivity services by providing no/low cost services and devices. 

How to Get a Free Phone

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), set up by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), helped households pay for internet costs. It offered a monthly discount of up to $30, and up to $75 for households in tribal areas. There was also a one-time chance to get a discount of $100 for a computer, but only if the household paid part of the cost and bought it from certain sellers. Each family could only get one device and one monthly internet discount. To qualify, a household’s income had to be no more than 200% of the federal poverty line, a limit checked and changed every year. It’s important to know how this program works, even when it might run out of funds.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) did more than offer discounts. It worked alongside programs like Lifeline at certain providers, letting people get free devices. For instance, TruConnect, one such provider, had different plans: one for Lifeline recipients, another for ACP users, and a third for those eligible for both. If someone qualified for both ACP and Lifeline, they could even get a free phone. However, with ACP coming to an end, you will want to know how to get a free phone moving forward. 

Taking Advantage of Free Phones Through Carriers/Programs

You want to understand the different types of opportunities out there. This includes what carriers and programs can provide support. Opportunities worth mentioning include:

AirTalk Wireless

Switching to AirTalk’s Lifeline program is a smart move, especially after the ACP wraps up. Already with AirTalk and using both ACP and Lifeline? Relax, your Lifeline perks will still be there. AirTalk’s got you covered in over 50 states, keeping you connected as always. Just using Lifeline? No worries, everything carries on smoothly. Considering a change from another ACP provider? AirTalk’s a great choice, offering extras like a free smartphone and more.

Safelink Wireless

If you’re on the ACP program with another provider, think about moving to SafeLink. They offer free wireless service each month, with unlimited talk, text, and data. For those already with SafeLink, your next move varies based on your plan. Are you in both Lifeline and ACP? Just stay put, no extra steps needed. Once ACP finishes, you’ll lose its perks but still have Lifeline. Only in ACP? You can sign up for Lifeline. If you’re a Lifeline customer already, you’re all set. And if you’re considering a switch from a different ACP provider, SafeLink is a great choice. You’ll join America’s leading network, get a free smartphone, and enjoy unlimited talk, text, and some free data.


Joining TruConnect with the ACP program? Get ready for unlimited talk, text, and all the data you can use. Plus, they’ll give you two months of Amazon Prime, free. If you’re a Lifeline user, it gets better. You’ll get up to 6 GB of speedy data, unlimited chat and text, a free SIM card, and endless international calls to select countries. This carrier allows existing recipients from ACP to benefit and those that are Lifeline recipients to benefit. This means many options for those in need!

Lifeline Program

The Lifeline program, set up by the FCC and run by the USAC, helps people with low income reduce their phone and internet costs. It cuts monthly bills by up to $9.25, or $34.25 for those on tribal lands. Tribal land residents can also save up to $100 on initial setup fees. Applying is simple: head to the Lifeline website, click “Apply Now,” and answer a few questions. You’re eligible if your income is below or just over the federal poverty line, you’re part of federal or tribal assistance programs, or if your child or dependent is in these programs. Start your application to check the income requirements for your household size.


In conclusion, the end of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) marks a significant change for many households, but it’s not the end of support for those who need it. With programs like Lifeline and carriers like AirTalk Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, and TruConnect, there are still valuable opportunities to access free or low-cost phone and internet services. These programs cater to different needs and offer various benefits, from free smartphones to discounted service plans. For those impacted by the ACP’s end, it’s important to explore these alternatives. They provide a lifeline for staying connected in today’s digital world, ensuring that even with financial challenges, access to essential communication services remains within reach.

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