Hugh Jackman Discusses the “Wolverine” Steroids Scandal

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Hugh Jackman is aware of the speculation that circulates about whether or not he used performance-enhancing drugs to bulk up for his part as James “Logan” Howeltt, aka Wolverine. And the issue is a joke to the 54-year-old actor.

After Jackman mentioned that his fans have “wondered” if he’s juiced and opted for steroids to prepare for the part, the 75-year-old anchor of CNN’s Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? addressed him directly about the notion. The question caused Jackman to chuckle heartily, and he didn’t try to avoid it.

“No. I’m a huge fan of both my profession and Wolverine, “said Jackman, before noting that he must be careful with his statements. “I need to be cautious about what I say here, but I’d heard rumors about the negative consequences of it and decided I just didn’t enjoy it that much. So, yeah, I just stick to tried-and-true methods.”

For a total of nine movies, Jackman has portrayed the beloved Marvel hero. In Deadpool 3, he’ll reunite with Ryan Reynolds and play the same character. Wallace, thinking about their planned future work together, pondered how Jackman, now 54 years old, would train for such a strenuous job.

According to Jackman, he will have half a year to prepare for his role in Deadpool 3 once he finishes The Music Man on Broadway. His strategy for gaining muscle mass? Animals and exercise. Chickens, and many of them.

“The lesson I’ve learnt is that you shouldn’t try to force things. I’ve realized the importance of patience, “His words. “It will take me around six months to complete [The Music Man] and begin production. Plus, I haven’t taken on any extra duties. As for myself, I plan to spend time with my loved ones and get in some workouts. For the next six months, that will be my full-time occupation. As a bonus, I’m in excellent shape right now. Singing and dancing in eight Broadway musicals a week keeps me fit. Therefore, it appears that I am in good health. I know where to begin.”

In addition, he said “We sincerely apologize to the chickens. Do a mile and a half. Please begin your escape immediately; I shall pursue you.”

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