One American Idol hopeful reportedly accused Katy Perry of “mom shaming”

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A 25-year-old American Idol contestant called out judge Katy Perry on social media for making fun of her three children. Learn the backstory of her comments.

A mother’s anger has been directed toward this American Idol contestant.

Sara Beth Liebe, a contestant on the 31st season, responded to judge Katy Perry’s comment that she was “a young mother” just after her audition aired.

Fans witnessed the 25-year-old sing for Katy, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan on March 5. She quipped, “You guys are my favorite,” when Luke noticed that she seemed to be 16 at the time. My family consists of three lovely children.

Sara Katy seemed astonished, rose, and then sunk back into the judges’ seat when Beth said she had become a mother. I’m going to faint if Katy sleeps on the table, Sara murmured giddily.

“Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much,” Katy stated as she got back to her seat.

Sara Beth was hurt by Katy’s punch; how did she feel?

It was embarrassing to have it on TV,” one Californian resident commented in a TikTok video about the incident. I was very moved by that. I love it when moms get together to defend themselves from critics, and I hate it when individuals turn to bash mothers as a tactic. It’s already challenging enough that I’m a woman and a parent.

Sara Beth, the mother of three children called Kellin, Willow, and Ellie, expressed her gratitude to other moms in a video she put on YouTube.

Plus, “I see all the young parents and just moms in general who have commented on all the videos and postings and everything,” she added. To let you know how much your opinion matters, and how seriously it is taken, I must tell you that your voice has been heard and is being taken seriously. Never stop caring for your young children.

The song “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John was Sara Beth’s first choice, but her voice wasn’t cooperating, so she moved to “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse.

After the music faded out, though, Katy said, “That’s not enough. It’s okay to give “Bennie and the Jets” a shot.

Sara Beth sang an Elton John song for Luke, who applauded her performance and awarded her a golden ticket to Hollywood.

The forthcoming game might be the opportunity for Sara Beth and Katy to make up.

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