As Ben Affleck’s “Happy Face” Memes from the Grammys Continue to Go Viral, Jennifer Lopez pokes fun at him.

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It’s reasonable to assume that Jennifer Lopez is having a good time making fun of Ben Affleck’s viral moment, which created meme after meme because of Affleck’s less-than-thrilled facial expressions at the 2023 GRAMMY Awards. And she’s not shy about sharing her excitement on Instagram.

Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Bateman, Viola Davis, Chris Tucker, and Marlon Wayans feature in the upcoming Nike biography Air, which was promoted by the 53-year-old musician on Thursday. What caught people’s attention, though, was the thumbnail she used for the Instagram post: a somber-faced Ben Affleck in character, with the caption “My husband’s joyful face.”

Even though Ben Affleck’s allegedly lackluster performance at this year’s GRAMMY Awards went viral, it appears like J.Lo is still having a great time.

According to ET’s sources, after the famous moment, “Jen and Ben are both aware of the memes of Ben circulating,” and “she had shown him a couple of photographs that night and he just shrugged it off.”

While Trevor Noah did his part in front of the pair, the cameras were pointed in their direction. Spectators then witnessed Affleck murmur into his wife’s ear, prompting her to turn toward him while softly patting his chest in response.

To analyze the situation, ET spoke with forensic lipreader Jeremy Freeman, who shed light on the words being said.

“As I recall, Jennifer Lopez said “Stop” as Ben Affleck murmured in her ear. Be more approachable in your appearance. Act like you’re really into it “, Freeman said ET. She glanced away, and Ben Affleck drew back awkwardly before saying, “I might.”

Ben Affleck was quoted as saying, “Oh my gosh, honey, look at this meme circulating about you,” when J.Lo showed him the meme on her phone. Anna claimed in a video she uploaded to TikTok. “During the performance, he realized he was a meme. He seemed to be aware of the situation, but he choose to keep his expression unchanged. I adore how carefree it is. And I know she was looking at it on her phone and said, “Honey, this is so hilarious, look at this,” to which he responded, “Jesus Christ.”

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