Gwyneth Paltrow Talks About Her ’90s Cocaine Use and Table Dancing

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s ’90s were highly eventful. The 50-year-old Goop creator commented on her journey to stardom, which occurred before the social media age, during an interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

“That was fantastic! Talk about doing cocaine and avoiding detection! “she giggled. If you want to have fun and dance at a table, you must go to a bar.

“[There] were no cellphones with cameras!” Added Paltrow. “Curiously, there were no photographers present, especially in New York. You could leave a pub drunk with a stranger, and nobody would suspect a thing.”

After having children, Apple, now 18, and Moses, now 16, with her first husband, Chris Martin, Paltrow left her partying days behind her.

She stated, “I have to admit, I’ve liked every stage.” “Every step of the way, I’ve wished I could stop the clock. No matter how much I love them now, I know I will never love them more than I do now. As a result, your affection for them grows.”

After splitting from Martin in 2016, Paltrow wed her current spouse, Brad Falchuk, the following year. Paltrow’s children, Apple and Moses, are both off to college, and she’s adjusting to life as an empty nester, which is “not [going] very well,” she said.

“That’s a major shift. She has a great sense of humor. She commands attention wherever she goes, “Paltrow said about her daughter. “If someone were to join us for supper tonight and ask Moses, “What’s it like with your sister not home?” he would have to answer truthfully. He scolds us to “Quiet.”

When ET spoke to Paltrow in October, she shared similar feelings.

“It has taken some time for me to adjust to her absence from the house. I wish someone had warned me about how challenging it would be. “About Apple’s absence, Paltrow made the following remark. “It was tough. It was an extremely challenging task.”

As she went on, she said, “She’s like my beam of sunshine, and it’s been hard without her, but I’m also very proud of her.” She’s thriving, and it’s inspiring to witness such a confident young lady come into her own.

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