Cher and Jimmy Buffet Headed to Broadway: 5 Musicians Who Should Be Next

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The biggest musicians are inspiring a new wave of creations: the Broadway musical. Beautiful: The Carol King Musical debuted on Broadway in 2014, and King has paved the way for other musicians to tell a story on stage with their music. Here’s 3 musicians who are headed to Broadway and 5 who could inspire epic productions.

Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet is going beyond his hamburger empire to cash in on Broadway. The mnew musical Jimmy Buffet’s Escape to Margaritaville will play in New Orleans this fall, and begins on Broadway in February 2018. The production is a musical comedy featuring several of Buffet’s popular tunes, including “Come Monday,” “Volcano” and of course, “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo

Pat Benatar and longtime partner Neil Giraldo should be taking their story to Broadway soon. The show, Love is a Battlefield, is reportedly in the works. Details about the release aren’t known, but we know that the show will be in the vein of Rock of Ages.


The one, the only Cher has inspired a musical Called The Cher Show, it’s set to premiere in Chicago in June 2018, then head to Broadway in the fall.  The Cher Show is based on the six-decade career of the songstress and will feature her songs telling the epic story of her life from teen model to superstar. Three unnamed actresses will portray Cher.

The music industry is full of icons who likely would inspire a great Broadway production. We could likely fill a list, but here are the celebrities who have

Fleetwood Mac

Mick Fleetwood has mused on the idea of a Fleetwood Mac musical before if the show could do justice to the captivating story of the band. He thinks that their story would make a “really great play,” and was reportedly even developing ideas for it. He says that one of the must-include songs would be “The Chain,” the only song written by all members of the band.

Pink Floyd

While not a Broadway musical, the music of Pink Floyd has been adapted into The Wall, an epic opera that will have its U.S premiere in Cincinnati next year. However, with such a rich tapestry of songs in their catalog, it makes sense for the music of Pink Floyd to be interpreted into a musical. Roger Waters was rumored to be working on it years ago, so this could be a possibility in the future. The Wall, or any of the other Pink Floyd albums could inspire an amazing musical.


Madonna has spoken recently about her interest to reinvent her performances, and a musical could certainly fill that void. She wants to have a more intimate connection with her audience, and they would likely be thrilled with what she and collaborators could create. The evolution of Madonna’s career throughout the years could certainly provide some story.


Another iconic performer, Prince, could inspire a breathtaking musical. With a journey of his life from Minneapolis to stardom and a look at his ever-evolving style, the Prince musical would be a great tribute to the eccletic artist.

David Bowie

The last project Bowie worked on was a musical, Lazarus, however, it wasn’t about his life. As one of the most revered musicians of the last 30 years, Bowie made his impression on many. Bowie’s public persona as an androgynous rocker was just of interest as much as his music. Imagine the magic of his story told through a series of his songs, and surreal set design.

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