The True Identity of Rory Gilmore’s Baby’s Father Is Revealed by the Show’s Wardrobe Director

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Valerie Campbell, who works as the costume supervisor on Gilmore Girls, recently revealed several plot points concerning Rory Gilmore’s pregnancy, including the “obvious choice” for the father.

This update is for you if you’ve ever been on the road and wondered who Rory Gilmore’s baby’s father was and felt all alone.

Fans have been wondering who fathered the youngest Gilmore for six years since Alexis Bledel returned to her legendary role on the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls and disclosed her character’s pregnancy in the closing seconds of the series finale. In reality, Valerie Campbell, a costume supervisor for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, has decided to finally clear the air after being bombarded with queries about the mystery.

On March 19, Valerie released a video on TikTok in which she indicated that by “doing the math” of Rory’s pregnancy timeline, viewers might determine who the father of her child was. Because Rory and Paul (Jack Carpenter) weren’t officially dating until spring, she reasoned that Paul couldn’t be the father because Rory “definitely wasn’t sleeping with” him throughout the winter.

Rory’s one-night affair with the Wookiee was in the spring, so by the time she told Lorelai she was expecting in the fall, she would have already been sporting a baby bulge. (Lauren Graham). As Valerie pointed out, Rory’s final outfit didn’t feature a pregnant tummy. We weren’t told to give her one and we didn’t. I can assure you that it is not a Wookiee.

Who is the father, then? Valerie stated, “The only obvious choice is — you guessed it —Logan,” alluding to the character portrayed by Matt Czuchry, who is Rory’s on-and-off lover. “Everything was supposed to be clear.”

In A Year in the Life, every time Rory visited London, she and Logan hooked up even though they were both committed to other people. The couple broke up for good in the winter, but they had one final fling in the fall when Logan came to see Rory in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

Valerie said in a follow-up video that series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had alerted Matt about the pregnancy plot, which he had kept a secret. Must I remind you, of the math? – Valerie. To wit: “If it were Paul, she’d have given birth in the fall. She looks like she’s about to burst if it was the Wookiee.

What about the speculation that Rory became pregnant in A Year in the Life because of Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) even though the two never dated? It’s hardly an immaculate pregnancy, as Valerie stated frankly.

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