Lindsay Lohan and her husband Bader Shammas are having their first child right now.

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Lindsay Lohan’s first child will be born to her and her husband, Bader Shammas. Check out the cool thing the star of Mean Girls said.

She will not be like most moms.

Lindsay Lohan told the world in a stylish Instagram post that she and her husband Bader Shammas are going to have their first child. On March 14, the star of “Mean Girls” posted a picture of a baby onesie with the words “We are lucky and happy!”

The beautiful onesie she sent with her statement said, “Coming soon,” but the 36-year-old didn’t say when.

The star of “The Parent Trap” told TMZ, “We’re looking forward to this next stage of our lives.”

A little over a year after getting married, Lindsay and Bader are starting their new life as parents. The actress from “Falling for Christmas” first hinted at the engagement in a sweet Instagram post on Bader’s 36th birthday in July. She then confirmed the engagement in an Instagram post in November 2021.

She wrote in the caption of a selfie she took with Bader, “I am the luckiest woman in the world.” You found me right when I was looking for a way to find joy and dignity at the same time.

I can’t believe we’re married “she continued. “If you will, my whole world. Every woman should always feel this way.” After that, her rep confirmed to E! News that the two had gotten married.

In October, Lindsay told some people about her relationship with Bader, even though she and Bader had kept most of it secret.

In an interview for the magazine’s cover, the star of “Freaky Friday” talked about how calm and helpful her husband is. “Just superb. Even my loved ones.”

She continued, “And I feel like I have a small group of good friends who are just good people. All the help I need comes from the people I care about, so I’m putting my attention there.

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