In Aubrey Plaza’s ‘SNL’ monologue, Amy Poehler and Joe Biden appear as themselves.

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It’s about time, but it took a while! Nearly twenty years after first trying out for a role on the show as a page at NBC’s 30 Rock, then working backstage for a year, Aubrey Plaza was allowed to host Saturday Night Live.

The White Lotus singer was enjoying herself as she sang on Studio 8H’s world-renowned stage, and she was accompanied by a few notable personalities who also flashed big smiles.

“My grandmother, Margie, is here as well. All of them moved here from Delaware, where I grew up. “Rather than keeping it all to herself, Plaza decided to share. “I appreciate it. I was named Delaware’s most well-known resident. Joe Biden was no match for me. That’s just a fact. In addition, he was furious. This infuriated him to no end. Have a look at this movie he sent me.”

The real President Joe Biden (not an SNL actor) made a surprise appearance and taped a greeting for Plaza in which he said, “There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that you, Aubrey, are Delaware’s most well-known inhabitant. We’re just glad you escaped White Lotus in one piece.”

Keeping on, Aubrey said, “And I couldn’t be happier to be back in my old stomping grounds at 30 Rock. I used to be an NBC page here while I was in college… As an intern here at SNL, I got to work with the set design crew, the talented individuals responsible for creating the show’s spectacular backdrops. They’re the sickest perverts I’ve ever encountered, and they’ve won Emmys and Tonys, and I’m a weirdo!”

Plaza suggested she give the audience a tour of the SNL studios as a nod to her page days, prompting the second celebrity cameo of the monologue and the one most viewers anticipated.

“The question “Are we going to see a celebrity?” was asked on every trip. You won’t see a famous person just strolling about like an elderly security guard having a sandwich or a writer bawling their eyes out because their drawing was eliminated, Plaza assured us.”

Amy Poehler, a former Saturday Night Live cast member, made an unannounced visit and cut her off because she was so excited to see her Parks and Recreation co-star.

Saying, “Hey Aubrey!” While they were locked in an embrace, Poehler shouted. “Oh, I see Aubrey, you’re sporting your page jacket. I take it you’ve started drinking again.”

Plaza beamed and said, “Of course I am.” I was on my way to the set design office to visit those senile perverts when they called.

As Plaza left, Poehler yelled after her, “Aubrey, it’s not kind to call somebody elderly.” “What the heck. She stole my wallet. Yeah, she’s mine!”

Later in the show, Poehler and Plaza got back together and did an interview segment on “Weekend Update” as Leslie Knope and April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation.

Plaza slipped back into her old persona with ease, complete with a long, black wig, a gray sweatshirt, and an air of indifference. She then described the many low-stress occupations available in local government.

“Perform the duties of a bus driver. You can be late, and no one will mind. Get a job with the water utility. The reservoir may be drained, and the victims and murder evidence found, “she made a list, “Or play dumb and pretend like a dogcatcher who just couldn’t find any.”

Poehler, in character as Leslie Knope, stepped out to attempt to salvage the interview, but she was too preoccupied with her upcoming SNL appearance.

“I’m interested in picking your brain about your work and the program since I remember watching back when Seth Myers hosted it solo. Knope said, “And he made it seem pretty simple,” referencing the many years that Meyers and Poehler worked together on “Weekend Update.” “desk.

Leslie Knope anchored for a joke, another fan’s fantasy, and the cameo’s many layers of meta-references came full circle.

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