Christine Taylor Explains Why She and Ben Stiller Split

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Following their breakup, Christine Taylor is speaking up. Dodgeball star Drew Barrymore discussed her split from actor Ben Stiller during a conversation with Drew Barrymore on Tuesday.

“Shortly after we first met, we tied the knot. We dated for six months before getting engaged, married in a year, and had Ella the following year. The family was always important, but I feel like Ben and I developed in separate ways “She subsequently revealed this information to Barrymore. “We didn’t feel comfortable discussing our breakup in public, and we didn’t choose to end our marriage lightly. We were at a crossroads, wondering what would be best for us at this juncture in our life.”

Taylor elaborated that their separation spanned several years, but that they reconciled after deciding to spend time together during the epidemic with their children.

That’s been going on for three or four years,” she said. “And throughout our time apart, we learned more about one other. My theory is that we continue to experience these surges of development even into adulthood. And that was something that required some thought and reflection. Together, as a family, we never split up. As a result, our family of six, including two adolescents, found safety in our home when the epidemic struck and we had to decide where to take shelter. Due to the abundance of time at our disposal, our conversation was undisrupted. It developed naturally over time.”

In 2017, after 17 years of marriage, Taylor and Stiller made public their decision to divorce. They never actually divorced each other, although they did reconcile during the epidemic.

Taylor and Stiller are the parents of Ella, 20, and Quinn, 17.

The host of Hey Dude…The 90s Called podcast told ET in January how the epidemic brought her closer to her hubby.

“I believe long-term marriages, it was nice for us for some time to have some space, and then the pandemic pulled us together, and it was what was right for us,” she told ET. “All things considered, I’m glad that happened that way. Positive outcomes can be seen despite the pandemic’s grim circumstances.”

Recently, Stiller and Taylor marked 23 years of marriage by sharing the secret to their long-lasting love.

Relationships, she noted at the time, develop over time. “Your relationship develops alongside theirs. I was in my late twenties when we met, and now I’m in my fifties. The key, I believe, is ongoing two-way communication as you both develop and experience natural highs and lows. You just learn to ride through the highs and lows, as I have done, and figure it out.”

23 years, she said, “passing by quickly.”

Stiller spoke out in 2022 about how his life had changed since he and Taylor had reconciled.

“I’m pleased where I’m at in my life, and the fact that we’re even able to be here together doing this right now,” Stiller told ET. These “latest years” have been “a moment for everyone to kind of get in touch with a lot of it,” the author writes.

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