Jon Bon Jovi responds to criticism about his son Jake’s engagement to Millie Bobby Brown

by Nathan C

When asked lately if his son Jake Bongiovi, 20, and his daughter Millie Bobby Brown, 19, were too young to be engaged, Jon Bon Jovi replied, “I don’t know if age matters.”

Jon Bon Jovi does not intend to bring any negativity to the topic of love.

In fact, the musician is thrilled that his 20-year-old son Jake Bongiovi is engaged to a 19-year-old woman named Millie Bobby Brown.

On May 2nd, Andy Cohen asked Jon if he was concerned about Jake and Millie’s engagement given their ages. To which Jon said, “I don’t know if age matters.” I believe that finding the perfect person and maturing together is the finest option. Collectively expanding. All of my children seem to have found friends with whom they can develop, and we get along well with them.

In 1989, Bon Jovi’s lead singer, who had been in a long-term relationship with his high school love Dorothea Hurley, wed her. Together, Jake and Stephanie have raised three children: Jesse, 28, and Romeo, 19.

Millie will be joining the family soon, and Jon couldn’t be happier about it. He assured her that he has “of course” seen the Stranger Things series.

He praised the actress, saying, “Millie is wonderful.” “She comes from a wonderful family. Jake is over the moon with joy.

On April 11, Millie and Jake announced their engagement. The Netflix actress shared a black-and-white photo of herself with Jake in which she was wearing a diamond ring on her ring finger. As icing on the cake, she quoted Taylor Swift’s “Lover”: “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all.”

It was the summer of 2021 that the rumors of their romance began to spread. They made their red carpet debut at the BAFTAs in March of 2022.

On Instagram, Millie thanked Jake for spending the new year of 2023 with her and said, “Here’s to another year with you and the wonderful people and animals around us, let’s do it again, but better!”

Keep reading to learn more about Millie and Jake’s romantic beginnings.

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