After spending time with the “amazing” Kristin Cavallari, Tyler Cameron talks about his relationship status.

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Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron spoke up to E! News about his friendship with Kristin Cavallari and his dating life in an exclusive interview.

It’s not a sure thing that Tyler Cameron will give you a rose on Valentine’s Day.

Fans of The Bachelorette want to know if the show’s leading lady is still single and available as the most romantic day of the year draws near. Perhaps you’ll be taken aback by his forthright response.

While in Times Square for Minted Weddings, he told E! News, “You know, I’m around.” “It’s hard to say whether or not we’re dating at the moment, but we are seeing each other. Maybe you have to see it to believe it.”

A lot of Tyler’s fans have probably seen him hanging around with Kristin Cavallari. Tyler and the Laguna Beach actress initially met as strangers on E! News Daily Pop in February 2022, long before they shared a torrid kiss during an Uncommon James marketing picture shoot.

Very ironically, Tyler said E! News, he was hired to run a campaign for Uncommon James the day before he met her. “We began to enjoy ourselves. Since we were already acquainted with some extent, we had a blast.”

He’ll be honest and say that his co-host on Daily Pop, Kristin, Loni Love, was instrumental in his getting to know her better.

She’s great for making conversation, as Tyler put it. I think she was attempting to be my wing woman at that very moment.

Tyler claims to have maintained contact with Kristin since the taping of that one-off episode in February 2022, and that they have become close thanks to their common interest in reality television.

She’s astute and well-versed in the business, he said. To hear her speak on the topics of personal branding, making it in the real world, and maintaining a healthy mental environment was a revelation.

But as Tyler, age 30, keeps looking for his soul mate, he has joined forces with Minted Weddings. In the future, when Tyler is ready to organize his ideal ceremony, he will know just who to consult.

“When I do [have one], I’ll head over to Minted weddings and have all my invitations and save the dates sent out to them,” Tyler added. But for the time being, I’ll be recommending my pals as wedding guests.

You might say that attempting to find love after being on reality TV is all roses and thorns.

It’s more challenging, Tyler admitted, since “Oh Tyler was dating that person” is automatically assumed about everybody he’s ever been seen with, whether he’s dating them or not. “The other day, my father was making fun of me. As an example, he can say, “I saw an item show up and it was like all of your girlfriends that you’ve had in the past.” The majority of these women weren’t even serious girlfriend material.”

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