Christina Applegate talks about how living with MS has affected her life and work.

by Nathan C

Author Christina Applegate is opening out about the impact MS has had on her life and career.

In a new interview, Applegate, who was diagnosed with MS in 2021, said, “It f**king sucks.”

Nobody ever has a good day when they have multiple sclerosis. The bad luck simply keeps on coming for you. “Well, why don’t you take more showers?” people often query. Because entering the shower can be quite terrifying. It’s possible to trip, slip, or even bend your knees. Especially when my shower wall is constructed entirely of glass. Applegate stated, “I don’t want to go in there because it scares me.” There are some things in life that everyone does, even myself. You are not permitted to go down the steps or bring anything down them. It smells terribly. Short distances are still doable in my car. I’m able to bring my kid’s lunch. Never give up.”

Applegate noted that descending stairs is particularly challenging due to the difficulty MS patients have in maintaining their balance.

“Yeah,” she said, “and gravity can just pull you down, taking everything with it.” So, there’s a little nook at the top of the stairs that the regulars refer to as “purgatory.” If someone is finished with an item upstairs, we lock it up and have one of my strong friends bring it downstairs when it’s released.

The Dead to Me actress appreciates her pals, but she doesn’t always want to be in a large group.

As in, “I know it sounds like ‘Yay!'” “But I don’t want to be around many people because I don’t have a strong immune system,” Applegate said. My buddy stays with me throughout the week and helps me look after Sadie.After that, I have a caretaker who looks after me on weekends. Similarly, I want to avoid situations in which my nervous system is overstimulated. I want a peaceful and quiet environment.

She said, “It’s a lot of labor. Imagine being in a large group of people and the resulting noise level. The volume is amplified by a factor of five thousand when brain damage occurs.

Applegate says she is grateful to have friends like Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Selma Blair, both working actors who also have multiple sclerosis, since they understand what it’s like to live with the condition.

“I don’t think anyone else would get it. Yes, we were aware of that.And we’re not wasting our time trying to explain it to folks who simply won’t listen, she said. “But yeah, I certainly require someone to inform me, ‘It’s 80 degrees. To what end are we going? The heat makes us feel worse, yet no one seems to notice. The illness also affects us in a variety of ways. It’s bad for the digestive system and other internal organs. Therefore, there are times when I need to visit a hospital.

Applegate has previously stated that Dead to Me might be her final acting role, and that she would enjoy some time away from the set.

The 51-year-old actor stated, “I don’t even want to think about going to sleep right now. “This is an illness that grows worse with time.” I have no idea if my condition will worsen or not. Because I need to provide for my family and because it keeps my mind active, I am able to do voice-over work.

Applegate made a rare public appearance at the 2023 SAG Awards in late February, when she walked the red carpet while carrying a cane that said “FU MS” at the base. She never appeared in public again after this.

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