Elena Huelva, a prominent young activist, died at age 20 after a long battle with cancer.

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A few days before she passed away following a lengthy struggle with illness, Spanish Influencer Elena Huelva wrote a parting message to her followers: “I already won a long time ago.”

The community of influential people is in sorrow.

According to El Mundo, on January 3, Elena Huelva, a Spanish influencer who had spent almost four years documenting her battle with illness on social media, passed suddenly. Her family acknowledged her death in an Instagram post. There were twenty years between them.

Elena has been “dancing for you and staring down at you from her star” all day, according to a statement tweeted with the hashtag #misganasganan, which has become her trademark. Thanks for everything.

In 2019, Elena was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma; she passed away the same day she posted an Instagram update saying she’d been feeling unwell for a while.

“Today I woke up not in the best way,” her message from January 3 said. These are trying times, and they’re just getting worse, but you know me to be resilient and complex.

Then, Elena said goodbye to her supporters with one last message.

“I want you to know that I won a long time ago,” she stated on Instagram Stories that day. We will always go on, as we have.

In December 2019, the influencer informed her audience that she had been diagnosed with cancer earlier that year.

Elena posted a picture of herself in a hospital bed with the caption, “It has been a roller coaster; it started with horrible news,” on Instagram at the time. As the saying goes, “a terrible insect had landed in my life, and I had to find a way to eliminate it.”

Then she said, “I was terrified, I doubted myself, and I kept wondering, “Why me?” Can I murder him? And in a few days, after I learned this, I put up my utmost effort to overcome him and prove to him that I was superior.”

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