Government Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

by Amos Z

Being a single mom is no easy task, and with the economy getting to a state where low-income Americans are forced to take on 2 or more jobs at once just to keep food on the table, things aren’t looking too good.

To help offset the negative impact the growing cost of living may have on single mothers, the federal government offers a wide variety of welfare benefits to them, and you’ll be surprised to find out that there are dozens of assistance programs out there.

We’ll introduce you to only some of them though, while also giving you an insight into how these welfare programs work, what to expect as well as how to apply for them.

Keep reading to learn what you can do to make life easier for yourself and your children with the help of government welfare in these difficult times.


Healthcare is one of the biggest issues low-income Americans face, and American healthcare costs are infamously high, to the point where the average individual can’t afford treatment and will even refuse it in order to avoid debt.

With the help of Medicaid, low-income single mothers can gain access to coverage for medical and dental expenses, even if their finances do not allow them to pay for these services.

One’s work history and family size may impact their eligibility for the program, but you can further examine your qualifications for Medicaid on their official website where you’ll find a detailed analysis of what qualifies an individual for benefits.

With this program, single mothers can ensure that their children have constant access to healthcare services without having to worry about paying off the immense debt that they would’ve normally incurred through hospital costs and the many other expenses that come with receiving medical treatment.

School breakfast program

Food is more expensive than it ever was, mainly due to supply chain bottlenecks and the high inflation causing living costs to go through the roof.

That being said, a growing child needs nutritious food to remain healthy, and this also applies to school children, not just infants.

Through the School Breakfast Program, the federal government ensures that all school-age children have access to a nutritious meal while attending an educational institution.

Grants are given out to state agencies, which then distribute the funds to participating schools, after which the money is used to purchase food products to be distributed to the children enrolled in the program.

You can find out more about this program by contacting the Department of Agriculture, which is in charge of distributing the funds and managing the program itself on a national level.

Paid family leave

In the case of a family emergency, an employee is allowed to abandon their workplace, and while this will usually come out of their pay, with the help of the State Disability Insurance Program, qualifying Americans can receive a portion of their regular wage for the time spent away from work.

This also applies to single mothers, as being a single parent prevents you from relying on your spouse to take care of your child if an emergency arises.

At the time, this program is only available in California and to eligible low-income Americans, whereas the claims are collected through the SDI online claim form.

Find out more about how this program works and how to collect your benefits by contacting the Employment Development Department in the State of California or visit them at their official website.

Weatherization assistance

Sometimes, it’s not the food or the healthcare costs that get in the way, but rather, the condition of the home that the applicant lives in.

With the help of the many weatherization assistance programs, single mothers can get access to funds that will cover the cost of the necessary repairs to their homes.

At times this may also include upgrades to the home’s cooling/heating systems or the overall energy efficiency of the home, as improving efficiency can significantly reduce the energy costs further down the line.

The most notable program dedicated to improving the safety and habitability of these homes is the Weatherization Assistance Program, and it’s helped hundreds of thousands of Americans repair and improve their housing arrangement.

You can learn more about this program by visiting the official website of the Department of Energy, where you’ll also find the application forms as well as instructions on how to fill out and submit said forms.

Bottom line

Life as a single mother can be tough, but if it’s for the sake of your child, nothing is impossible.

Of course, the federal government would much rather not have these mothers take on additional jobs just to be able to keep food on the table, and it’s why so many of these assistance programs have been adapted to offer help to low-income mothers with one or more children.

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