In this clip from the set of “True Lies,” performers Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga discuss their experiences getting harmed while filming high-stakes action sequences (Exclusive)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis had two famous parts in the 1994 action comedy True Lies. Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga are cast in these parts in the updated CBS version. Their characters, Harry and Helen Tasker are played by Howey and Gonzaga. They sat down with ET’s Nischelle Turner on Wednesday, one day before the premiere, to discuss the scrapes and bruises they endured throughout filming.

“The left quadriceps muscle in my thigh got yanked. It was a pain in the back for me. I severed the finger of this stuntman’s net, “After watching a video of Curtis giving safety advice for high-stakes action scenes, Howey was reminded of the time he was injured on site. “The number of scrapes and bruises I now the sport is proof that you should protect yourself with pads and knee protectors. I’ll just let you know that. Pad up! Arms, legs, elbows, and posterior region. Pad up!” Helen stated in the first place.

“Can you believe I’ve never seen you without that false cast on your finger? Very serious pointing of fingers here “Gonzaga remarked.

“I can’t bend it, but yeah, you know it’s part of the bargain,” Howey echoed Curtis’s astute observation. “She is right; you need to bulk up.”

Howey stated that he trained extensively for the role of Harry, including things like “muay thai fighting here and there” and learning how to shoot a rifle.

Be wary of your desires, for they may come true, he warned. “I always wanted to do my action after watching these kinds of action comedies and large movies, but now that I have, I don’t want to! I want the stuntman to take care of it. I’d prefer if the substitute handled it.”

“Every single stunt,” according to Gonzaga, was performed by Howey. Howey retorted with a humorous comment: “It’s not to my taste. I have made a fortune as an actor. After I memorize and deliver my lines, I want to go buy a drink using my walkie-talkie and enjoy it via a straw while sitting in my cast chair.”

At one point during the filming of the pilot in New Orleans, Howey shared an amazing experience he had with Gonzaga. “We stretched and practiced our newfound stunt skills. You’re wondering, “Whoa, where did it come from?” as Ginger Gonzaga suddenly begins performing front flips.” Simply put, he couldn’t believe it.

Even though I’ve trained my whole life and know I’m not as skilled as Howey in the ring, I’m not scared to be naive and say, “Yes, I can do that.

Let’s take a look at that, Gonzaga said. It was fun to attempt to incorporate that, and the next day, my body felt the impact, even though I’ve been doing this since I was six.

Given the intensity and variety of tasks involved, “I will say that it was the hardest thing we’ve ever done,” Howey declared. “Yet she always managed to brighten my day with a smile. She is one of the most hilarious people I know.”

Howey plays Harry, an undercover agent whose wife Helen accidentally discovers his double life in the CBS remake (Gonzaga). Omega, fearing that word of his secret will get out, approaches Helen about joining his team. She often goes on missions with Harry and his operatives, and they all do their best to keep their exploits a secret from their offspring.

“The film is widely recognized. As far as we know, this was James Cameron’s first $100 million movie. It was quite well received. I saw it in theaters. Mr. Schwarzenegger and Ms. Curtis were two of my earliest childhood influences. In addition to their notoriety,” Howey has stated that this is where the inspiration for the series originated.

The two actors acknowledged it was intimidating to step into the shoes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.

“Yes! Jamie has my undying affection. Fortunately, I was raised in a secure community where I was never exposed to violent media. After that, I didn’t have to worry, “This is what Gonzaga said. “My memory of Jamie involves a dancing accident from which she quickly recovers. From what I’ve read, it sounds like she just made something up on the spot. She had a knack for making even a serious point sound humorous, and I find that very endearing.”

The original movie’s Albert “Gib” Gibson, played by Tom Arnold, will make a return to the TV show.

Gonzaga called him “funny,” while Howey gushed, “He’s so great.” In addition, she remarked, “He’s a good actor.” ” I remember thinking, “Oh my god, I’m watching a wonderful performance,” even when the camera wasn’t focused on him. Furthermore, he was a hilarious improviser. Extremely astute.”

Howey may be familiar to True Lies viewers from Reba and Shameless, while Gonzaga is a familiar face from She-Hulk. They proposed potential guests for the show.

According to Howey, “I’d want to have Jeremy Allen White of Lip, The Bear on because he’s winning all the prizes right now.” Bring us some of that magic!”

“Tatiana Maslany is incredible,” Gonzaga gushed. “For my part, I hope she performs an unusual piece. They’re all funny, but Josh Segarra is the funniest. This guy’s name on She-Hulk was Pug. He constantly reminds me of Howey. I think the two of you would make a great pair for this scene.”

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