If you’re feeling melancholy, a look at Drew Barrymore’s disorganized bedroom might help.

by tempuser

The celebs are just like us in every way.

Actress Drew Barrymore updated her Instagram on Tuesday with before and after shots of her tidy bedroom. In the clip, Barrymore shows off her unmade bed, shoes on the floor, items taken out of drawers, what seems like an E.T. script near her bed, and a bathroom stocked with beauty products in her New York City apartment.

“Show me your room before you clean it up, and after you clean it up,” the video prompts.

The paragraph opens with “I’ll go first,” and the flustered host of The Drew Barrymore Show proceeds to guide the audience through the confusion. The video then cuts to Barrymore’s bedroom after she has cleaned it, where she can not only relax but also move around without having to dodge the pile of papers, packages, and miscellaneous items that had been in her way before.

The actress, who was 48 at the time of the film’s release, is first heard saying, “Ahh, much nicer,” before referring to the freshly cleaned area as a “chef’s kiss.” After Barrymore finishes cleaning her bathroom, she does a small dance of joy.

Barrymore summarizes the significance of the picture with the caption, “Show me your room before and after you clean it…

Many of the star’s many followers expressed their gratitude that she was so open and honest by sharing photos of her home with them.

One person reasoned, “If Queen Drew’s room may look like this periodically, then it’s acceptable if mine does too thank you for your genuineness. It’s heartening to know that I’m not alone in facing this formidable task; after all, it affects even those we hold in the highest regard.

Another listener added, “It’s nice to know that some celebrities are regular people, too. I like that her bathroom isn’t the size of my whole studio.”

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