Here is a rare photo of two grown men who look exactly like Matthew McConaughey.

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In a viral video, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are seen giving their 3-year-old son Livingston a haircut at home.

Matthew McConaughey is mediocre at best as a barber.

Camila Alves, an actress, posted a video of her husband grooming their youngest son, Livingston, online. Livingston is ten years old.

There were photos of Matthew’s haircut from February 26 posted to Instagram, and they gave the impression that he was more skilled in the acting profession than in barbering. Camila captioned the photo, “Then this happened…” after mentioning her son Levi, 14, and daughter Vida, 13, who also lives with her.

She has not shown anyone the finished product as of yet.

It didn’t take long for some of the spectators to poke fun at the situation. I don’t know why, but I don’t think haircutting is one of Matthew’s many skills “Someone on Instagram commented on Matthew’s post. Simultaneously, another voice entered the discussion, “Uh oh! You should avoid getting a “dad haircut” at all costs.

Even though Matthew’s children have to put up with his terrible hairstyles, they also get to go on incredible adventures that they will never forget. Camila posted a photo last month from her daughter Vida’s 13th birthday party, and in it, actor and longtime friend Woody Harrelson can be seen eyeing the cake.

Camila documented her son Livingston’s birthday party, which took place ten days ago, on Instagram. There was a birthday cake in green and white and a birthday crown at the party.

“Nothing fancy…just us,” Camila wrote as the caption for the Instagram post she made on January 15. “His only birthday request was that we take him to trampoline jumping at Altitude in Austin, Texas, and treat him to a cake made of ice cream. Dear Son, I pray that you will always keep the purity of childhood in a world that is only getting more complicated.”

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