To explain why Nikki Bella wore her ex-wedding fiance’s dress to her wedding to Artem Chigvintsev.

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Nikki Bella had no trouble finding a stunning gown for her wedding to Artem Chigvintsev.

The reason is that the ex-Total Bellas star already had her ideal dress, which she had purchased when engaged to ex-John Cena (they had a six-year relationship before breaking up in 2018). In addition, Nikki said exclusively to E! News that she could not envision herself in any other bridal gown.

“When you dream of having that day and that dress, and it is something that you adore as a little girl or a woman, and for me, that is what that dress was,” she said before her wedding to Artem was filmed for the E! program Nikki Bella Says I Do. “I immediately saw myself in it, and it quickly became one of my most treasured possessions. I remember thinking, “Why do I have to give up the dress that I love because it was maybe going to walk down another aisle?” while Artem and I were arranging our wedding. I had the distinct impression that this was meant for me alone.”

However, the 39-year-old said, “For this reason, I took care to broach the subject with Artem before donning the item in question. I cared about what he thought, but I was pleasantly surprised by his reaction.”

Artem, 40, said he did not mind that his bride had worn a dress from an ex-wedding. boyfriend’s

“Nicole frequently questioned if I was okay with things. People exaggerate the significance of it. “That is why he said. “I could not have cared less. It is like you start exerting effort in inappropriate places. We can still get married without it being a problem. Everything worked out perfectly and nicely. However, I did not see the clothing until it was too late.”

The first thing on the thoughts of the Dancing With the Stars pro was “wow” when he saw Nikki in her attire for the first time during their August 2022 Paris wedding.

Artem said, “I was thinking about all my vows and what I need to say. “Since it only takes one try, you can imagine how nerve-wracking it is. This is not something that can be done again and again. There is a lot at stake, so be careful. I remember thinking, “Wow,” when I saw Nicole walk through the door because you want everything to be perfect. Moreover, that is the way it has intended to be.”

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