Madelyn Cline talks about her current boyfriend and her previous relationship with Chase Stokes.

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As fans of the hit Netflix show Outer Banks wait for the release of the third season, Cline has spoken up about her relationship with co-star and ex-boyfriend Chase Stokes.

Cline is the subject of this month’s cover story in Cosmopolitan. She talks about the commercial and critical success of Outer Banks, her life in the spotlight, and her tight working connection with her ex-boyfriend Stokes.

Both actors started dating during the 2020 production of Outer Banks Season 1. Cline and Stokes give life to Sarah Cameron and John B., respectively. However, by November 2021, they were no longer together.

Cline says, “We’ve always emphasized the job stays the same,” implying that the actors’ real-life breakup hasn’t changed their on-screen chemistry. No further good or negative effects on the job are anticipated.

If you believe Cline, “We must leave the show and the season in better shape than when we arrived. I’ll be forever grateful to you for it.

Sarah and John B.’s sexual entanglements are explored throughout the series as they grow from opponents to lovers. The plot of the show centers on John B. and his ragtag group of pogues as they look into the disappearance of John B.’s father and the possible connection it has to a hidden treasure.

After the first season of Outer Banks debuted on Netflix, it became an instant hit. Despite the show’s extraordinary popularity, Cline says the public’s attention on her and Stokes’ relationship was “overwhelming,” especially following the separation of the fan-favorite duo.

“Listen, I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. Reclusiveness is the way I’d like to live my life. Cline told Cosmopolitan, “There’s a part of me that’s solely for myself and no one else.” “Of course, in hindsight, it’s obvious that once I shared my connection with the world, it became the business of everyone. During the split, I understood how bad it was because I had let so many people into my life and now I felt like I couldn’t push them away. It came at me like a freight train, swift and powerful. The two of us should be able to put this behind us and go on with our lives. The public is aware that there must be opposing sides. When couples break up, they both lose. You have absolutely no allies.”

Cline has been in a relationship for about a year and claims to be “happily taken” as a result, despite the impending premiere of their show’s third season. Even though she doesn’t give away her secret lover.

I have found true happiness in a devoted partnership. What I do know is that he improves my mood significantly. I’ve never been happy in my life,” Cline gushes.

On February 23rd, you can watch the first episode of Outer Banks Season 3 on Netflix.

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