Which Organizations Provide Support?

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There are many circumstances where a family is struggling but they aren’t able to benefit from any government opportunities. This can be true for families that are experiencing financial hardship but just make a little too much income to qualify for most assistance. This could also be true for a family where the parents are not U.S. Citizens. Whatever your circumstances, it is helpful to know that you have options! You are not alone in your struggles and your situation can change. You just need to know where to turn!

Non Profit Organizations that May be Able to Help 

Non-profits include a variety of organizations such as public charities and private foundations. Most non-profit organizations have a goal of helping the community. That means that you can benefit from the services that they provide! Popular non-profits include:

  • Feeding America
  • Step Up For Students
  • Catholic Charities USA
  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • Americares Foundation
  • Feed the Children
  • United Way Worldwide
  • Salvation Army
  • United States Fund for UNICEF
  • YMCA
  • American Heart Association

Feeding America

There are a variety of reasons that someone may rely on food banks in order to feed themselves and their family. This is how communities can benefit from Feeding America. This nonprofit donates money, food, and other support to local food banks. Food banks and pantries are then able to directly serve people in need.

Step Up For Students

Low-income families can benefit from this non-profit organization through education scholarships. Step Up For Students does this by providing funds for scholarships that are approved by the state. Examples of these scholarships include:

  • The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options (FES-EO) intended for kids with disabilities
  • Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTC) intended for low-income households

Some families might not be able to afford the best education for their children. For this reason, Step Up For Students focuses on uplifting parents to seek out the right learning options for their children.

Catholic Charities USA

Although this nonprofit is founded on the belief in the Catholic religion, they welcome all types of people to support their cause. Catholic Charities USA advocates for justice and believes in using resources from the church to help those in need.

Samaritan’s Purse

This organization was developed based on evangelical non denominational Christian views. The founders used inspiration from Christian literature that commands followers to use their goodwill to help the needy. Samaritan’s Purse helps those who are experiencing financial hardship or have become ill. You will find that Samaritan’s Purse also helps those in other countries and not just the United States.

Americares Foundation

This foundation has been around for almost 40 years. Their goal is to respond quickly and ensure the basic needs of suffering communities are being met. For example, some of the ways Americares Foundation helps is by offering needed medication, clinical supplies, and healthcare programs. The communities they provide these resources to are typically those who are struggling due to a natural disaster or poverty.

Feed the Children

This non-profit organization believes that no child should have to go to bed hungry. I’m sure you guessed it that Feed the Children has set out to end child hunger. In addition to community work, this nonprofit also provides support directly to families. These resources go to families who need help with their child’s basic needs. In order to accomplish this they work with a number of communities, partners, and volunteers in the United States as well as other countries around the World.

United Way Worldwide

This non-profit is yet another well-known organization. United Way Worldwide is known for helping countries worldwide by providing support in a variety of areas. Some examples of what they offer are education, financial support, medical care, and more. However, United Way Worldwide doesn’t just provide support internationally. Americans can also benefit from the services they offer. Their goal is to tackle national issues through community and locally driven responses.

Salvation Army

This non-profit provides multiple helpful services to the community! Various ways that the Salvation Army helps is by offering:

  • Food banks
  • Shelters for the homeless
  • Courses on overcoming poverty
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs
  • Veteran services and more

United States Fund for UNICEF

This non-profit dates back to after World War II. At the time, UNICEF would give out powdered milk, medicine, vaccines, nutritional supplements, and other aid to sick children in Europe, China, and the Middle East. Now, in the present day, this organization helps children in more than 190 different countries and regions. This includes right here in America!


Also called the Y, this non-profit organization might be one the largest in the United States. But they aren’t just helping people in the U.S. You will find that they are also present within communities internationally. While the focus of the YMCA is to provide education and skill development, they provide other helpful services to the community as well. Examples include health and fitness, community services, and childcare.

People of all ages, gender, and color are welcome at the YMCA. They provide a variety of opportunities to more than 10,000 communities across America. Through their efforts they hope to bring people together and promote positive change.

American Heart Association

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. The American Heart Association is actively fighting against both heart disease and strokes. This non-profit is quite large with more than 22.5 million people working as employees or partners with them! Additionally, there are 3,000 representatives and 156 local offices across the country. Founded by a group of six cardiologists, the American Heart Association fights to improve public health regulations. In addition to this, they aim to improve people’s lives by delivering essential information and resources, as well as fund cutting-edge research in the field.

What Else Do They Do?

The American Heart Association provides a variety of resources to both the public and the medical community. An example is practical training, such as CPR courses. Also medical professionals are educated on patient treatment guidelines that are backed by science. This in turn increases the likelihood that patients get accurate and effective care. This organization is in favor of public healthcare. With that in mind, they advocate to lawmakers and work to educate the public in support of this.

How You Can Help

If you are fortunate enough to be in a situation where you do not need to rely on the help of these organizations, there is more you can do! You can consider donating to these charities yourself. If you are unable to donate money, volunteering your time is another way you can contribute. Some charities also accept donations like clothes and food. This is a good option if you have extra resources that you can part with.

Bottom Line

Some families struggle to afford basic needs like food, clothes, education, and healthcare. However, government assistance typically comes with income requirements that a family might just slightly exceed. In addition to that, the application process can be time consuming and confusing. Being unable to qualify for government assistance doesn’t make a family’s struggles any less valid. That is why nonprofit organizations can be very helpful! Everyone needs help at some point in their lifetime. You aren’t alone! Check out if any of these organizations are servicing your area.

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