What “Saved” Mod Sun’s Life After the Breakup with Avril Lavigne

by Nathan C

Mod Sun said that his supporters had “f–king saved his life” over the previous six weeks. Hear the singer’s live April 2nd statement on her recent breakup with Avril Lavigne.

After being engaged for nearly a year, the “Karma” performer and Avril Lavigne called it off in February. He expressed his gratitude to his audience during his April 2 performance at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.

Mod Sun can be heard stating onstage, “Y’all f–king saved my goddamn life for the last six weeks,” according to a TMZ recording. “One thing I’ve learned in the last almost four years is that it’s okay to ask for assistance when you need it, whether you’re dealing with sorrow, despair, addiction, anxiety, or even just a negative voice in your mind.

So, I want to appreciate you for assisting me,” the 36-year-old said. Now we can proceed to the next chapter.

Mod Sun and Avril didn’t meet until 2020, but they were already betrothed by March of the following year. Avril’s representative confirmed the breakup to E! News on February 21 despite the couple’s previous plans to get married.

E! News reported that Mod Sun and Avril were separated after the singer departed for a tour three days earlier, but Sun’s representative assured the outlet that “they were together and engaged when he left for tour three days ago.”

Avril appears to have confirmed her relationship with Tyga after she and Wiz split up. The two were photographed getting intimate during March’s Paris Fashion Week. They’ve been hanging out together ever since.

Although Tyga and Avril have remained silent about their relationship, Mod Sun has opened up about his split from Avril.

On February 28th, Mod Sun posted to Instagram: “My whole life changed in one week.” There must be a deeper meaning to life. Even if it hurts, I will keep my chin up and follow my passion. Being loved on every night of the trip has been a blessing.

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