Mandy Moore talks about how a person who was “intimately involved” in her life hurt her in a “personal way.”

by Nathan C

Mandy Moore is talking about a time when she felt “betrayed.” The 38-year-old actress and mother of two posted a picture of herself looking upset on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

“At work. “Trying to figure out what I can learn from some upsetting personal betrayal from a new person in my life,” the This Is Us star wrote. “Don’t believe in people? Don’t be too generous?”

Moore didn’t say what happened to make her feel so cheated, but she did say that the person she’s talking about “was very close to me for a short time.”

Moore wrote, “Man, some people really let you down.” “The lack of respect and sense of entitlement is WILD.”

She then shared a second selfie with a small smile and the words “Deep breath.” So happy to have a family, kids, and this life. I won’t let anyone take away my happiness. Up and to the right, right?”

Later, the star posted a selfie of herself making the peace sign and said that a friend had told her, “Let them know and let it go.”

Moore didn’t say anything else about the personal comments she made, but she did spend time with her 5-month-old son Ozzie later.

She put a cute video of the baby pterodactyl on Instagram with the joke comment, “Baby pterodactyl thinks about life.”

Moore and her husband Taylor Goldsmith also have a son, Gus, who is 2 years old.

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