Michael B. Jordan, one of SNL’s stars, finds humor in his “public separation” from Lori Harvey.

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In 2022, Michael B. Jordan, well known for his role in Creed, would divorce his wife Lori Harvey, and during his first show as host of Saturday Night Live, he discussed their plans for divorce. Use inquiries to probe his emotions regarding the split.

Please refrain from sharing any dismal Michael B. Jordan memes.

The Creed star announced his debut hosting gig for SNL on January 28 that he and Lori Harvey will be divorcing in 2022.

In his opening remarks, he mentioned that his first public split occurred after he directed Creed III, his first box-office smash. “After a breakup, most people nowadays vow themselves something like, “I’m going to get in better condition.” But even before I started Creed’s strenuous training, I was in great shape. As a result, I had no choice but to face facts and enroll in language classes. And now I find myself on Raya.”

Michael and Lori reportedly split up in June 2018 after dating for around a year. The day after the split rumors spread, the actor was spotted in San Francisco for game two of the 2022 NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors were Boston’s opponent.

Michael said on Saturday Night Live that the word of the separation spread while he was at a basketball game, and the spectators “saw me looking like this,” assuming he was upset. “I swore under penalty of law that I harbored no malice. However, the web interpreted my actions as authorship of the post.”

“Fortunately for me,” he said, “if you Google ‘Sad Michael Jordan,’ the top 8,000 of them are this.” Jordan was alluding to the viral photos of the NBA legend wiping away tears during his tearful acceptance speech at his 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame induction.

The rest of the Saturday Night Live cast came out to snap photos with Michael after the show. “Sure, I know that you aren’t in a relationship right now, and that’s OK. But I think it’s vital for you to know that I’m currently available for a serious relationship and am single.” Because of this, the affable author asks, “Why don’t you date her?” Especially “not if you’re free,” she emphasized, quoting Chloe Fineman.

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