Making her debut as a musical guest on “SNL,” Kelsea Ballerini rewrote the lyrics to a song that was inspired by Morgan Evans’ divorce.

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When performing as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, Kelsea Ballerini appeared to make a passing jab at her ex-boyfriend Morgan Evans.

When performing “Blindsided,” a song off her new split album titled “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat,” Ballerini added additional lines at the end that seemed directed at Evans and their contentious divorce proceedings.

After the song ended, Ballerini faced the camera and sang, “You wouldn’t dare tell me this to my face, but here you are, broadcasting it to the world over the radio with all the conviction of a gospel choir. Ok.”

She also sang “Penthouse,” a popular slow song from the same album.

After a heated back-and-forth with her ex, Ballerini unleashed these scathing lyrics. Evans has recently spoken about the breakup in a five-part docuseries for his song “Over for You.” The song was released in October, approximately two months after Ballerini filed for divorce. It was written in response to the breakup.

The country singer from Australia sings about being taken aback by his ex-behavior. wife’s While it was tough for Evans to open up about the breakup, he stated the song’s success and the fact that his fans could identify with his pain made it worthwhile. It was written just two days after he moved out of their shared house.

Ballerini’s first response to the song was less than enthusiastic; she told Alex Cooper of Call Her Daddy last month that she was “so upset, so angry” when she heard the song for the first time. “I thought I had a handle on my process of mourning, but then that song came out, and I became furious. I can’t help but wonder whether he was caught off guard. No, I did not sneak up on him. There’s always room for two contradictory claims to coexist; in this case, I’m wondering, if he was caught off guard, where exactly was he?”

Ballerini confirmed her relationship with Outer Banks stars Chase Stokes on her podcast after settling her “nasty” divorce from Evans in October. Also, a source told ET on Wednesday that the singer is happier than ever because of her new romance.

According to the insider, Kelsea is “concentrating on the positives” of her life and her partnership with Chase. “They seem to be having a wonderful time. Chase has been quite helpful to her, and the two of them are always there for each other in both their personal and professional life.”

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