Can We Expect Mod Sun to Discuss Their Split with Avril Lavigne Now?

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Avril Lavigne’s rep confirmed the breakup a week ago today, giving musician Mod Sun plenty of time to reflect on his time apart from the pop star. “I am convinced that there is a purpose behind every occurrence,” he said.

They were supposed to have a happy ending that never materialized.

The “Flames” singer has broken her silence about Avril Lavigne’s breakup with fiance Mod Sun.

Mod Sun wrote, “In 1 week my entire life completely changed” in the caption of an Instagram slideshow of stage photos he posted on February 28. In my opinion, there’s always a rational explanation for every event. No matter how many times my heart is broken, I will continue to keep my head high and follow my instincts.

The rock star said this about the constant support he’s gotten on his current tour across the United States: “It’s been incredibly uplifting to be showered with love every night of the tour. Friends like you make all the difference in the world, and I finally feel like I can conquer anything standing in my way. To find me, just look at the stage.

According to E! News, Avril’s husband of nearly three years filed for divorce on February 21. Until three days ago, when he left for the tour, the two were “together and engaged,” a representative for Mod Sun told E! News. He doesn’t know anything has changed.

The breakup happened after photos surfaced online showing the “Girlfriend” singer out late with Tyga and his friends in Malibu, California. The rapper and Avril are reported “just friends,” though.

Mod sun (then 35) spilled the beans when asked about his relationship with the Grammy winner (then 38).

“I have found such a partner in this world to go through the chaos that life gives you,” he told E! News Francesca Amiker on February 12. Thank goodness, I tracked that person down. As for me, I’m with a seasoned lady who has been there, done that and helped me develop into the person I am today.

On the other hand, Avril has shared that she unexpectedly fell in love with Mod Sun, who she worked with on her 2020 album Love Sux.

Telling E! News at the 2022 Grammys that she “needs a break from relationships, I’m going to check out,” she elaborated on her decision. This feeling lasted for maybe a week before I moved on to someone else.

Now that I think about it, it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise because she was more than just a girlfriend a full month before she performed at the Grammys.

The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one “In April of 2022, Mod Sun announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend via Instagram with the caption. We’re doomed to be together forever. I can’t even begin to describe you because you defy description.

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