Ellen DeGeneres Talks Finding Her ‘Forever Home’ With Portia de Rossi

by Nathan C

Ellen DeGeneres has finally found the apartment she can settle down in. For the first time since she left The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2022, the 65-year-old discusses her and Portia de Rossi’s personal lives in an interview.

The RIV Magazine, published in the Montecito Journal, has an interview with DeGeneres from the Spring of 2023 in which she discusses her $70 million mansion in Carpinteria, Montecito, California. The comic explains why she and de Rossi chose this specific property despite occupying more than two dozen others during the course of their relationship.

DeGeneres proclaims, “This place is all about the spot.” There was a lot of work to be done on the house, but the location was spectacular. Inexplicably, Portia and I originally considered staying here back in 2007…I really had no interest in seeing the location. This is the most time I’ve ever spent thinking about a home. The location was perfect, but the house itself had solid bones but no surfaces I could call home because of how much everything clashed. The ceilings, too.

DeGeneres isn’t only a famous TV host; she also has a passion for real estate and interior design. According to her, it shouldn’t take as long as others say it does.

“I just don’t get why people are okay with these long timelines to get things done,” she adds. When I decide to take action, I don’t waste any time. And because we’re simply making cosmetic adjustments, it all comes down to how rapidly you can assemble a top-notch crew of painters and fine finishers.

DeGeneres says she and her wife didn’t have any disagreements over purchasing a home since she knows that’s her wife’s specialty.

DeGeneres tells the magazine, “There’s no division,” when asked if she and de Rossi are working together on the house. She loves horses as much as I love building homes. However, we don’t pry into one another’s domains. In fact, I had a hard time convincing her to accompany me to a furniture store. Unless, of course, there’s a horse hiding in there.”

DeGeneres’ stunning home is featured in the magazine’s interior. The huge manor house has several stylish and luxurious bedrooms. All the rooms in the pictures have huge windows and a soothing color scheme.

In February, when de Rossi surprised the comedian with a vow renewal, they opened their home to the public so that everyone could see where they were living.

During the star-studded ceremony, which took place on de Rossi’s 50th birthday in their new house with Kris Jenner officiating, the two women recited their “I Dos” once more.

One of the day’s sweetest moments occurred when de Rossi expressed her delight at finally settling down with her husband after moving 24 times in eight years.

“I’m just so excited for the future where we just get to do whatever the hell we want for the rest of our lives,” the actress said.

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