“Egypt is Married to Real Estate” Sherrod, and Mike Jackson Have an Honest Conversation About Cooperation

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There are good times and bad times when working with your spouse. Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson of Married to Real Estate recently talked to ET’s Brooke Anderson about working together as a married couple.

Jackson quipped, “It depends on the day, the hour.”

“He said, “But seriously, it is fantastic because you get to leave a legacy, develop a brand, and inspire people with the person you love while doing what you love to do with the person you love. That is impossible to beat.”

For the couple, who have three kids, the ability to “shut it off” has been crucial in maintaining a work-life balance.

Working together makes “our lives so entwined that when we go home, it is like, ‘All right, power down.'” Sherrod included. “From now on, it is OK if we are simply Mom and Dad.”

The program gives them a chance to showcase their talents as a marriage and a family while also allowing them to present a positive image on television, making it difficult to slow down.

On the other hand, “our program is portraying the positive and creative side of us as a spouse and a family,” Jackson remarked. “We are making something new and exciting while having a great time. She is in the real estate business, and I am in the home improvement and construction business; we are keeping rather busy between the two of us. In other words, we hoped others would recognize ourselves in us.”

Viewers of the hit HGTV show will recognize the pair as the ones who help their customers move into more affluent communities than they had initially imagined. Sherrod and Jackson use their real estate market knowledge to choose the perfect house and then improve upon it with thoughtful upgrades.

Season 2 will continue with similar plot points, but the real estate market and construction industry will provide new challenges for the duo to overcome.

“After more than two decades in the industry, we have seen it all regarding real estate and building. In life, the only thing you can count on is that something completely unexpected will happen to you. It is the law of the land when it comes to building and buying property. “Sherrod was generous with his information. “Back then, we were having a blast, but things are starting to become serious today. With supplies low and demand strong, interest rates have risen. My goal is to keep everyone feeling strong and encouraged.”

The real estate market, she reminded us, “is cyclical.” “So, it will circle back around again. Rather, you should ensure that your financial situation is prepared for it.”

Jackson elaborated that they also strive to inform their customers and viewers to help them make the most informed decisions on home purchases and improvements.

“In addition to ensuring individuals are self-sufficient, we value their education. We do not want just to be doing and doing and doing and without informing you why it is being done and how it is being done,” Jackson observed.

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