After tripping and falling on the runway during the Valentino fashion show, supermodel Kristen McMenamy decided to give up her high heels.

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You cannot walk in those heels!

Supermodel Kristen McMenamy wore flats instead of high heels on the runway during the Valentino Haute Couture presentation on Wednesday during Paris Fashion Week. The model, a fixture in the industry since the ’80s, looked to be having trouble walking in the stiletto heels as she stumbled. McMenamy pulled off her heels, stood up after losing her balance, and fell to her knees.

However, the model did not let that stop her; she walked the rest of the runway barefoot, holding one heel in each hand.

Audience members may be seen reaching out to help McMenamy in footage that has now gone viral on social media.

Afterward, the incident gained much attention online, and many people shared their thoughts on social media. McMenamy got some flak, but the designer shoes are getting more blame.

“She is the one. One Twitter user remarked, “She just does not know how to walk in heels, and worse is that the designer knows this, but she puts her in the show.” At the same time, another said, “Idk why people are saying it was her when the shoes were hurting her feet, and that is why she started walking like that after she took them off.” You need to stop taking yourself so seriously.”

Other commenters pointed out that this is not the first time a model tripped over her feet in a pair of Valentino shoes during a runway presentation.

“When it comes to footwear, Valentino is infamously problematic. They want a model to trip and fall so that people would talk about their program. Moreover, after the tenth time, you would think they would get it, “A Twitter user’s message was sent.

McMenamy made light of the situation by posting a snapshot of the last touches sewn into her embroidered dress, which she accessorized with bright pink gloves.

The model, who had fallen on the runway before, received much sympathy after this incident, especially from designer Marc Jacobs.

McMenamy tripped at the Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris last summer. She was kneeling in front of bystanders while dressed in an all-white suit, with a long cloak falling down the back of a baseball cap.

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