Ariana Grande makes a rare personal statement about rumors about her body.

by Nathan C

Ariana Grande has been open about the fact that her health has been getting worse over the past few months. The 29-year-old artist shared an open and honest message on TikTok on Tuesday to answer fans’ recent “concerns” about her body.

Grande thinks that no matter what, “we could be nicer and less comfortable making comments about people’s bodies.” We shouldn’t care if you are sick or healthy, big or small, this or that, or sexy or not sexy. This is something we should try to do less of.

She suggested that we “help each other work toward” these goals in order to “compliment someone” or “ignore something you don’t like.” Let’s just make sure no one gets hurt.

In the last few words of the three-minute video, the singer talked about the different kinds of beauty and the different ways to keep a bright appearance.

She then said that her “current body,” which was being used as an example, was the “unhealthiest version” of her body. I was at my worst when I looked “my healthiest.” I took a lot of medicine and didn’t care what I ate or drank.

Grande says that she “shouldn’t have to explain that,” but she did it to be “open” and “vulnerable” and because she thinks it will lead to “good.”

After that, Grande told her audience, “Be kind to each other and to yourself.”

“You never know what other people are going through,” she said. “So, even if you are coming from a loving and caring place, that person is probably working on it or has a support system that helps them work on it.”

Grande ended her letter by telling her fans, “You’re beautiful no matter what phase you’re in, no matter how much weight you have, how you do your makeup now, if you’ve had plastic surgery or not, or anything else.” I hope you don’t mind if I tell you how pretty you are.

In the movie version of Wicked, Grande will play Elphaba. She has been honest in the past that her mental health has been bad. See more about the musician in the movie clip below.

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