Wife of Bruce Willis, Emma Heming, expresses sadness and grief on his birthday as they fight dementia.

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For what should be a joyous occasion, Emma Heming has admitted to feeling melancholy on Bruce Willis’s birthday. On the first anniversary of the actor’s diagnosis with frontotemporal dementia, Heming wrote and posted a message on his Facebook page.

“The feelings of loss and despair are very strong today. The flip side, or silver lining, is that I am so fortunate to experience the love and support you all have for my husband and our family. I’ve seen your messages and read your experiences, and I want to thank you for sharing them. I’m glad for the connection we’ve established, and I hope it brings some comfort to you, too. #ftdawareness #griefshare #dementiaawareness #gratefulness “the muse penned.

Heming was open and honest in a video about the 68th birthday of her spouse and the reasons she is sad and grieving over his fight with dementia.

“My hubby became another year older today. You can tell I’ve been sobbing since I woke up this morning because of my puffy eyes and runny nose. My point is that you should consider every angle of this situation “a man in his forties revealed to the camera.

“So often I hear or read, “Oh, you’re so powerful. I have no idea how you manage. Not that I have a say in the matter. Wish I could, but I’m also a parent trying to make ends meet.”

Heming, who is a single parent to daughters Evelyn, 8, and Mabel, 10, went on to say that she had to be brave despite her grief.

“On sometimes, we must pull up our big girl pants and get down to business. Which is why I’m doing it “to which she responded. Yet, “I do have periods of sadness, daily, grieving every day, and I’m particularly feeling it now on his birthday.”

Heming admitted that it has been challenging to put together an Instagram highlight clip for her spouse in celebration of his birthday.

“I made this demo reel for my husband’s birthday. It’s a dagger right into my heart, and I don’t know why I keep watching them “Emma was generous in her sharing. “I do this for me, yes, but I also do it for you because I know how much my husband means to you.

Trying to stop herself from sobbing, she said, “Don’t weep, Emma.”

Nonetheless, I appreciate it much.”

Both of Willis’s oldest daughters and his ex-wife have failed to acknowledge his birthday on social media.

About two weeks have passed since Heming responded to the trolls who had accused her of using her husband’s illness for attention.

Almost a year after admitting that the actor was battling with aphasia, Heming revealed in February that Willis had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, another ailment that impacts communication.

Willis’ illness was broken down by Dr. Allison Reiss, a member of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s Medical, Scientific, and Memory Screening Advisory Board, who characterized frontotemporal dementia to ET as a “neurodegeneration.”

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