When Her Children Can Be Reality Stars, According to Kristin Cavallari

by Nathan C

Kristin Cavallari won’t stop her kids if they want to act or be models.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, the reality TV star-turned-author and lifestyle expert talked about her time in the spotlight and how she would react if one of her kids wanted to be a performer.

Well, I wouldn’t let them until they were 18,” Cavallari said with a smile and a wink. I don’t mind if teens try to get into the show business as soon as they turn 18. But I want them to stay kids until they are 18 years old.

Cavallari has three kids: a girl, Saylor, who is 7 years old, and two boys, Camden, 2, and Jaxon, 8. Before they broke up, she and Jay Cutler had three children together.

Her goal is to put off the inevitable for as long as she can: “I’m just trying to keep them kids as long as I can. It’s hard enough being a kid and going to school, so just focus on that, and we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Cavallari first appeared on TV when she was a student in high school. She was in an episode of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, a reality show on MTV. She finished college, and as soon as she was cast in The Hills, a spin-off of Laguna Beach, she went to Los Angeles.

Since her first appearance on Laguna Beach in 2004, Cavallari has become a well-known name. She recently said of her time in the spotlight, “It’s been a wild ride.”

When it came out, I was a senior in high school, which helped a lot. “I just kind of rode the wave” in Los Angeles, she said, after she graduated from high school. Now, Franklin, Tennessee, is where I live. I like that I can return to the social scene whenever I want to.

Cavallari has made a name for herself as a successful artist and businesswoman outside of the entertainment industry by putting out many lifestyle books, fashion lines, and recipes that have sold well.

She talked about her daily life by saying, “I have three kids and try to live as normally as possible.” I can take care of business from home so I can give my full attention to being a mother.

Also, “Becoming a mom has given me a real sense of purpose in life,” says Cavallari. Without a doubt, that was the best choice I’ve ever made.

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