When Ed Sheeran returns to Instagram, he opens up about a “turbulent” time in his personal life.

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Recently, Ed Sheeran said he hasn’t “been that involved” on social media or with his followers online. To keep them informed, he shot an Instagram video. View it right here!

Ed Sheeran is vocalizing his concerns over his lack of online presence.

The 31-year-old singer went silent on Instagram for a while but eventually came back to the site to explain his absence.

Beginning on January 31 with “Hey folks,” he shared his thoughts online. “Having not paid much attention to my online following or social media accounts for the past few years, I apologize if the content put here has become tedious. That was insensitive of me. Please blame me.”

Sheeran has hinted that his recent radio silence is because he is processing personal issues away from the public eye.

The reason I’m doing this video is that to be forthright, I’ve been going through some very rough patches in my own life,” he stated. “Consequently, I didn’t feel like going online and acting like someone I wasn’t in that state of mind. I realize it may seem strange, but I wanted to post something to let people know that things are on the upswing and that I’m finally connecting again.”

The four-time Grammy winner, who will be touring this year, recently warned fans to be on the lookout because “strange s—t is going to start getting posted here.”

Sheeran said, “I created this video like 50 f—king times.” ‘I won’t be creating any more

The creator of “Photograph” was vague about his struggles. But it’s not entirely true that he’s disappeared from social media. Sheeran has only previously shared two posts in January, both of which were related to one of his gigs. Nonetheless, before that, on November 4th, he had mentioned that he was “sending his followers off with a “signing off till 2023” and a “see you in the new year” message. I love you a much, Ed x.”

Sheeran has also acknowledged taking time away from his phone and social media.

“The reason is that I don’t usually have access to a phone. I haven’t had a mobile device since 2015 “he explained in an edition of The Collector’s Edition With Ben Clymer podcast on Hodinkee Radio from January of that year. “A phone caused me to feel completely overwhelmed and unhappy, and I spent the entire time feeling miserable. And when I finally did, it was as if a cloud had been removed from my eyes.”

His supporters only want him to make the decisions that are best for him.

One commenter said, “You don’t owe us anything and please don’t feel like you have to publish if you don’t want to.” Whether you maintain a social media profile, we will still be around.

Plus un, “Here, no one cares if you act like someone you’re not. Simply update whenever the mood strikes you.”

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