The Golden Globes are coming, and we just saw Jenna Ortega boarding a plane.

by tempuser

Currently, Jenna Ortega can be found in public. The 20-year-old starlet was seen being driven to the airport in Toronto last week. Ortega, accompanied by her security, gave a buddy a bear hug before boarding a plane in sweatpants and headphones.

Ortega was probably returning to Los Angeles to prepare for Tuesday’s presentation at the 2023 Golden Globes. Ortega has also been nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical, or Comedy for her performance as Wednesday in the smash hit Netflix series.

Wednesday was renewed for a second season the same week Ortega made her debut.

After the shocking ending of Season 1, ET’s November interview with Ortega revealed her plans for the character.

“I want her to be darker,” she admitted. “There are a lot of lines about her rescuing the school or something, but I want her to dig deeper into the meat of the story and not play things so safe. But her primary motivation in dealing with the beast is competitiveness. The feeling was more like, “How the heck is this man pulling this off?”

I suppose I want it to go down an antihero stream rather than a traditional hero,” Ortega continued.

Wednesday, Season 1, is now available to watch online.

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