Speaking on the beauty standards in Hollywood, Julianne Moore recalled being told to “try to look prettier.”

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Actress Julianne Moore is thinking about the influence of Hollywood’s beauty standards on her life.

In an interview with the UK’s Sunday Times, the Oscar winner discussed the criticism and degrading comments about her beauty that she has received throughout her career.

“Someone in the movie business told me, ‘You should attempt to appear nicer,'” she revealed. “I thought, ‘I don’t know if I can.'”

For Moore, “beauty and prettiness are subjective,” even though the film industry is “a business with some physics involved.”

“Growing up, I always felt different because of my red hair, even though just 2% of the world’s population shares my coloring. Particularly at such a formative age, no kid should ever have to feel like an outcast, “Moore stated, emphasizing how she now appreciates her individuality for all its merits.

A part of her still wishes she were a tanned blonde, but she is “extremely associated” with her hair and freckles now.

Moore has previously discussed the taboos associated with one’s physical appearance, especially as one age, in the entertainment industry. Moore talked about the stigma of “aging gracefully” in an interview with As If magazine in 2021.

She told the magazine, “there’s so much judgment contained in the word ‘aging gracefully.'” “Is it possible to age in a deplorable fashion? Of course, we have no choice in the matter. Aging happens to everyone and can’t be avoided or sped up in any way. Why do we talk about it as if it were within our control when, in fact, it’s just part of being human?”

Moore claims that Helen Mirren’s view that “aging is a requirement of life, you either grow old or die young” matches her own when it comes to becoming older.

Moore expressed her desire for a shift in how people view aging to the magazine.

She elaborated, “I think we are given a narrative as children that we keep developing through school, perhaps go to college, but, when school is ended, the idea of progress is done.” “However, a long and fulfilling life is ahead of us. How do we keep ourselves interested and engaged, expand our horizons, become more useful to those around us, and grow into the kind of person our loved ones need and want us to be? To what extent can we develop further? How can we find our way through life to have richer encounters? That’s the point of getting older, after all.”

It’s great that these kinds of actions are no longer accepted, and I think it’s about time things changed,” she said. It’s been said that “the old hierarchy is being deconstructed.”

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