For Rob Lowe, costarring with his son in “Unstable” was a “dream come true.” (Exclusive)

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It’s in the genes! Unstable is a new Netflix comedy starring Rob Lowe and his son, John Owen Lowe, and the famous actor couldn’t be happier with the role.

Rob’s kids, John and Matthew Lowe, as well as his wife, Sheryl, joined him on the red carpet for the premiere of his new comedy series in Los Angeles on Thursday, making the occasion a joyous family outing.

On the red carpet, ET’s Matt Cohen chatted with Rob, who described the experience as “surreal.”

To be able to collaborate alongside my son is, quite literally, a dream come true. I think it’s cool that he’s working on something with fellow EP Victor Fresco, Rob stated. And the reaction so far? Yes, that’s the rub. It was great to work on, we really like it, but you can never predict how people would respond, and I’ve been blown away by the response.

Rob portrays an eccentric genius who heads a bio-tech research business, while John plays the son who comes to work for him there because of his social awkwardness.

Rob, who plays an eccentric IT executive, remarked, “It’s a really fun part.” It better be, I thought of it myself, right? But it has a fantastic personality.

Referring to his smash hit Fox emergency rescue drama 9-1-1: Lone Star, he remarked, “And it’s so fun to be able to do Lone Star on one side of the equation and then to come to Netflix and do this.” Rob has learned that “You can have the best of both worlds” by having the opportunity to work on a comedy and a drama simultaneously.

Rob, proud of his son’s growing acting career, said, “intrinsically has the most important thing that I think is the number one thing actors need to have, which is honesty.”

Sincerity of feeling on camera. Nothing you do will be convincing enough. Rob laughed and went on, “He has good comic timing, and hopefully he’s picking up some other good things from me.” The answer is, “We’ll see.”

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