Fans Believe Taylor Swift Dropped Clues About Her Split From Joe Alwyn During The Eraser Tour

by Nathan C

Taylor Swift made an unusual adjustment to her The Eras tour more than a week before it was revealed that she and Joe Alwyn had broken up.

Just look at what he’s done to her!

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn reportedly broke up on April 8, although fans have speculated for at least a week that Taylor may have dropped hints about the breakup. Fans took to social media to point out that four performances into her The Eras tour, on March 31 in Arlington, Texas, she switched the single “Invisible String,” which many assume is about the actor, with “The 1,” which is about a lost love.

E! News has attempted to contact Taylor’s representative for comment on the split rumors and the song change, but has not yet heard back.

At her Arlington performance, the singer discussed set list alterations in general. Twitter footage shows her telling the crowd, “You think you can just go online, you think you can just scroll and know the set list?” concerning the band’s last tour, The Eras Tour. Let it not be stated that The Eras Tour is without its deceptions. That’s what we are, and we appreciate a balanced dose of set list antics.

‘So, we added a new song,’ she said. How did it leave you? Did you enjoy yourself?

Besides the song change, people have been wondering if Taylor and Joe’s relationship is in trouble because he hasn’t been spotted at any of her recent gigs.

In 2018, during the very first concert of Taylor’s Reputation tour, the actor, whose relationship with Taylor became public in 2017, was honored with an onstage homage.

Other from “Invisible String,” Taylor has kept the same set list for the rest of the Eras tour. However, during the acoustic set of each event, she performs a new set of songs.

Next year on April 13th, Taylor will be performing in Tampa, Florida.

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