Cardi B Reveals Offset’s Fight for Their Family After She Filed for Divorce

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There have been highs and lows in Cardi B and Offset’s relationship. During the first episode of The Jason Lee Show, Cardi B. discussed how the Migos rapper “fought” for his family when she filed for divorce from Offset in September 2020.

According to the “Up” rapper, he and Offset “was not seeing eye to eye.” The year I went through with the divorce, this happened simultaneously.

The divorce lawsuit Cardi filed against Offset in September of 2020 was “dismissed without prejudice” in November of that year, a little over a month after she filed for divorce. Cardi B, a mother of two, stated that “irreconcilable disagreements” were the cause of their divorce in the first paperwork she filed.

Cardi stated, “I’m going to let him talk about this because the primary thing that was bugging me — I’ma let him say it.” The Offset would have the floor to explain his side of the tale. This is an essential part of his tale, and I hope he will tell it.

‘The crucial thing was I asked him to stop and everything, he stopped, and he changed, and it showed me that he wanted to change for me,’ she elaborated.

After the paperwork was filed, the “WAP” rapper announced their divorce from Offset on social media, saying that they had grown weary of fighting.

After a long day, she allegedly informed her OnlyFans audience, “I decided I wanted to go.” “I didn’t wait for him to cheat on me again before leaving. I decided not to wait for [another] scandal in which he would be embroiled. After much thought, I chose to depart. I had the option of staying if that was what I wanted. That’s when I made up my mind to go.”

A month later, however, the formerly estranged pair were kissing on camera at Cardi’s birthday party in Las Vegas and again the following week at a strip club in Atlanta, where they had previously been seen separately.

Eventually, Cardi told fans that she and Offset, with whom she shares 4-year-old Kulture and 1-year-old Wave, had reconciled, with Cardi claiming that she had filed for divorce to teach the Migos musician “a lesson.”

This is normal relationship s**t if I take a break from my n**** and decide to work things out, she added in a voicemail posted on social media. “I can go to any length to teach a n**** a lesson, including filing for divorce. This is the way I live.”

The divorce proceeding was necessary because “if that s**t didn’t go through the court, y’all would never know what the f**k was going on,” she said. To that end, “Cease immediately.”

Cardi revealed that she had missed Offset when the news of their reconciliation became public. “The temptation to converse with one’s closest friend is overwhelming. Do you get what I’m trying to say? As difficult as it is to refrain from chatting with your BFF, “she explained while broadcasting on Instagram Live.

Additionally, she noted that there are problems in their relationship, saying that they are “the two young mothers who tied the knot too soon. Just what it says we are. We’re just as broken as any of your unhealthy relationships.”

Watch the first episode of The Jason Lee Show on Jan. 17 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Revolt to see Cardi’s entire interview.

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