Top-Paying Jobs You Won’t Be Needing a Degree For!

by Amos Z

As important as education is in terms of starting a career, it’s not absolutely necessary, and not everyone can afford it, which is why so many people look for alternative careers to focus on.

In fact, some of these jobs may end up paying more than a job that actually requires a 4-year degree would, and it’ll be up to you to find the one that fits your skill set.

Some of these jobs may offer you more than a high salary, as you may be given an opportunity to advance your career as the years go by, making it a good investment on your part, almost as good as paying for a college education.

If you don’t already have a Bachelor’s degree, you may want to start off your job search with positions that won’t require one, as you’ll be generating income much earlier than someone who dedicates four years of their life to education.

Licensed practical nurse

One of the highest-paying jobs you’ll encounter that doesn’t require any sort of 4-year degree is that of a Licensed Practical Nurse, as the only requirement is the LPN program that can last anywhere between a year and two years.

Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be given the chance to work alongside registered nurses and doctors to provide all the care a patient may need.

The scope of your job will be taking notes of a patient’s vital signs, maintaining their medical records, changing bandages, and doing just about anything the doctor may require to be done in terms of taking care of a certain patient.

Even though this work can be challenging for some, it’s a great opportunity for those looking to work in the medical field without having to cash out on Medical School.

The average salary of an LPN is around $60k.


As a carpenter, your work will be focused mainly on producing structures and objects from wood using a set of specialized tools and machines for the job.

Generally, the work of a carpenter can vary, and while some will be doing construction on houses and buildings, others will be tasked with putting together furniture and other wooden constructions that may be necessary for a home.

To start work, all you’ll need is a high school diploma or an equivalent to it, as well as some elbow grease considering the work will require you to demonstrate at least some level of physical prowess.

No additional education program is normally required, and you’ll start off as an apprentice in the workshop, slowly making your way up the ranks in the company.

The average salary of a carpenter is also $60k.

Sales representative

Almost every business needs someone to be the face of the company when presenting their products to potential clients, and a sales rep is the one to fill that position.

As a company’s sales representative, you’ll be tasked with selling products or services to organizations, other businesses, and sometimes even governments.

If you take into account the many commission fees you may end up collecting, the salary can be pretty enticing, although you will require a very specific skill set to do your job properly.

A good sales rep must be able to deliver a convincing presentation and negotiate prices with clients, getting the best price for their employer at all times.

This also includes finding new customers, which can be tricky at times, but with enough experience, your marketing skills will also improve.

Much like the previous options on the list, a sales rep only needs a high school diploma or an equivalent, and the average salary is slightly above $70k.

Real estate agent

With the housing market constantly evolving, the work of a real estate agent has never been tougher, but this doesn’t mean that the job doesn’t pay well.

In fact, with how important they’ve become in recent years, the average real estate agent can make a hefty sum of money, so long as they’re getting enough work.

A good agent will know how to time the market in a way that is profitable for both the customer and them, and if they’re in the right market at the right time, a real estate agent’s pay can outclass many jobs that actually require a degree.

Your work will include preparing properties for sale, doing open house tours, attending inspections, and doing just about anything related to purchasing or selling properties on the market.

Apart from a high school diploma, a real estate agent must also pass a licensing exam with flying colors, but if you consider that the average salary is almost $95k, this requirement is negligible.

Final word

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually dozens of different jobs that don’t require you to have a college education.

While some of this work may be difficult and unforgiving, it’s highly rewarding, and you’ll find that a great number of people willingly choose these professions because they’re just that profitable.

Research your options and choose the one that best fits your character and skills, and you’ll find that there’s a job for everyone, even you.

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