Singer Jessie J has announced that she is pregnant with her first child. She previously experienced a miscarriage but is now “so happy” to be expecting.

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Such a miraculous newborn! After a miscarriage in 2021, Jessie J is now expecting her first child.

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On Friday, January 6, the 34-year-old singer posted a video of her ultrasound and a positive pregnancy test to Instagram with the caption, “I am so pleased and nervous to share this finally…”

In her announcement, the “Domino” singer showed off her growing baby bulge in a series of photos. She stripped down for the camera to highlight her expanding tummy. She was photographed rubbing her belly while making music in the studio on a separate occasion.

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Jessie J asked for kindness in the description of an Instagram carousel set to her song “Sunflower.” Furthermore, she stated, “Honestly, any gal just wants to ugly weep in public in a catsuit eating a chocolate-coated pickle with no questions asked .”

Over a year after revealing she had a miscarriage, the British artist announced she was expecting.

” Just the other day, I was joking with a buddy and asking, “Seriously though, how am I going to get through my show in L.A. tomorrow night without announcing to the whole crowd I am pregnant?” Jessie J, open about her decision to become a single mom, posted a photo on Instagram in November 2021. The prospect of making it through the show without crying was terrifying by yesterday afternoon. After the third scan, they told me there was no longer a heartbeat.

The “Price Tag” songstress explained why she intended to raise a child independently in a second piece.

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I made the conscious choice to become a single parent. For the simple reason that it is my genuine desire and time is of the essence,” she explained. I know I will have more children since being pregnant was a miracle in and of itself. I’ve only just begun to process the depth of the tragedy, and right now, I’m in shock. I know, however, that I am resilient and will survive.

During her interview on “The Diary of a CEO With Steven Bartlett” podcast in May 2022, the “Bang ” singer spoke about her grief after the loss.

“I remember just going home and not comprehending it,” the Grammy nominee said. Since there was nobody there to cry to, I shared it online. I lacked the necessary emotional support system and had no one to vent to. That is precisely what I was hoping for.

There was “never a time in my life” when Jessie J “felt so lonely” as she did during her loss.

She said it was the saddest thing that could have occurred, but she also realized that it had happened because she wasn’t meant to go through it alone. And I still believe that.”

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