Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy looked back on their relationship’s beginnings before the birth of their second child.

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd, who wed in 2017, have been the picture of marital bliss and dedication ever since.

During “Couples Week” on ET, we talked to the happy couple about their first date.

When asked by ET’s Nischelle Turner about the day he met Peta, Maks confidently declared, “I have the true narrative.” When I strolled in, greeted the staff, and made my way out onto Broadway, she was the furthest away.

The two first crossed paths during the 2009 Broadway debut of Burn the Floor, a live dance production based on a performance at Elton John’s 50th birthday party.

According to Maks’s account to ET, the two hit it off right away. He said she had always been the one for him.

Peta’s feelings of attraction were more subtle. He came in shirtless and introduced himself as “Maks” from “Dancing with the Stars,” as she recalled. As of this writing, she has not joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars.

She was only observing him and then said, “I don’t know who you are, I’m from Australia, so I couldn’t give two hoots.”

Peta realizes the value of their friendship even before it becomes amorous. She insisted that the feelings didn’t develop rapidly. Since our relationship had developed to the point of friendship, he allowed me to stay in the country on a tourist visa.

He laughed to himself at the prospect of having to aid her when he realized he had no idea what to do. He called his Dancing With the Stars buddies and said, “I don’t know what I’m saying” to figure out how to keep her from leaving.

They may not have performed together on Burn The Floor, but Maks and Peta did share the stage at the beginning of their friendship and shared a love of dancing. They both acknowledge that dancing together contributed to the growth of their relationship.

Peta stated, “I recall doing an event with him” about her time spent working with Alexa Chung on one of her events. She reflected on the time they danced together, saying, “I remember there being a small spark and I was like, ‘Oh, alright.'”

Peta’s mom watched them perform later on Dancing With the Stars, and she was there. Peta’s mother, sitting in the crowd, remarked, “Something is going on between you two.”

Susan “took a liking to me right away,” Maks said.

Maks and Peta became a fan favorite because of all the duets they sang together on the show. They are each other’s first and last dance partners.

In the year that Maks and Peta tied the knot at Oheka Castle on Long Island, New York, they welcomed Shai, who is now six years old.

Peta has been open with her followers about the trouble she has had had a second child, including details about the several miscarriages she experienced and the IVF therapy she underwent in the year 2022. In January, the delighted couple announced that they were expecting again.

Maks and Peta claimed they waited a long to announce their pregnancy, and ET verified this. In the beginning, Maks said, the pair pretended like “nothing was happened” in their attempts to conceive.

To prepare for parenthood, they had been taking it easy at home with Shai for some time. Peta giggled as she described how she and her partner had broken the news to Shai in the shower. ” He exclaimed, “Mommy, you’ve got a child in there.” he pointed to my stomach. We truly do,” I chimed in. His excitement caused him to skip for delight.”

Peta also shared that she intends to return to DWTS during the future season shortly after giving birth. Even though fans haven’t seen Maks on the show since 2017, he hopes they won’t give up on him just yet.

He said that “Dancing with the Stars” “has proved itself to be a phenomenon and now it’s kind of a part of life.” To put it another way, “how could you not be grateful for a project that continues, that gives you not just the work and the revenue but also this sort of outlet?”

It’s possible that in 2023 they’ll decide to dance out their love story once more. Watching is the only way for fans to learn what goes down.

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