The Healing Power of Journaling

JournalateHQ   •   February 26, 2017   •   0 Comment

It is a deeply unfortunate aspect of life that many of us will experience traumatic events at one time or another. Men and women come back from wars scarred, rape and kidnappings occur with shocking frequency, and up until recent years many of us had no clue just how high the proportion is of sexually […]

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Use Journaling to Enhance Your Career

JournalateHQ   •   February 21, 2017   •   0 Comment

As the world has grown more complex, so have our jobs. The decisions many of us have to make on a daily basis can have enormous consequences for our companies and the stress of sometimes rocky professional relationships and the need for personal performance can cause a range of emotions within us. Have you considered […]

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Drawing Inspiration From Famous Diarists

JournalateHQ   •   February 17, 2017   •   0 Comment

As you continue finding your voice and developing as a writer, it may be helpful to you to draw inspiration from the numerous historical figures and terrific writers that also kept a journal. Some people, in fact, became famous solely because they did create a journal. Anne Frank is the best example of this, who […]

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